Denver vs Oakland: The No BS Review

Well we have finally seen a start from the wunderkid Tim Tebow.  I'm fairly pleased with his showing and fairly irked by the showing of our interim coaches.  Towards the end of the game I took solace in knowing that every loss makes our draft picks significantly better this off season.  It sucks to not win, but I'm glad we get a good chance to reload this year.
On to the review:

  • I'm not going to waste much time here because these guys are all place holders in my opinion...but I do have time to spare a few bulletpoints.
  • The playcalling stunk on both sides of the ball.  Especially deep in our own territory at the end of the game...everyone knew you were running was actually THE best time for a quick screen play.
  • The Defense was clearly not prepared for this game.  Poor tackling and poor execution ruled the day from what I saw.


  • Tebow looked okay, but he's clearly not firing all the way yet (not that I expect him to be...he's a rookie after all).  He looked pretty slow to make his reads most of the day.  I did like his gutsy throws down the field though.  They flipped and flopped, but they made it there eventually.  I think at some point he does need to work on throwing the ball better (tight spirals, faster trajectory, etc), but he showed me he is not afraid to throw the ball.
  • Losing Knowshon sucked bad.  Ball is not worth the muck these guys had on the bottoms of their cleats by the end of the day.  He just doesn't impress me and goes down too easy.  I'd be happy to see him off the team in the near future.
  • Lloyd is a bright shining star in the void of this season.  The dude is a baller and he just keeps playing.  That is one cat I want to see in the Orange and Blue for a long time.
  • O-Line looks like they took a step back this week.  I'm sure part of it had to do with the faders pinning back their ears and constantly bringing pressure, but still...we were getting beat regularly.  At some point these big beefy guys need to push their men back.


  • Losing McD has led me to take off my rose-colored glasses in many areas of our team.  I've been BSing myself for some time about our defense.  They have many glaring weaknesses and Doom being here wouldn't have made a lick of difference.
  • Props to Vickerson for his Int...that was just sick and wrong.
  • Our safeties don't scare me in the least...I wish we had one that would.   We need another Atwater type guy back there that brings the thunder when they hit.
  • I found our linebackers very laid back and reactive.  That may have been due to play calling, but to me it seemed like we spent way too many plays waiting for things to develop instead of dictating to the offense what we were going to let them do.

I know there are tons of you out there who want stability in the defense, but I'm not seeing anything I'm liking lately from Wink.  He's too passive and we are getting pummelled on the defensive side of the ball.  Get someone in here who can make this defense play with a nasty side and put guys on their backsides regularly.  I'm tired of bend-don't-break wussiness.

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