A Dark Horse to Remember

After taking the time to look over some of the coaching candidates available, i've found one name that is very intriguing.

His name. Mike Nolan. Yes, the same Mike Nolan who has ties to the Broncos from the earlier years with Dan Reeves. The same person who was actually successful as a defensive coordinator for the Broncos.

As I think about this organization and the coaching search, there are some things I believe will hold true. They will not go after an high end coach (i.e. Bill Cowher) or an inexperience coach (i.e. Eric Studeville). There are many names out there that fit this criteria but i'm not going to mention them all. The thing to keep in mind is that they want experience and someone who can be a head coach. 

When Mike Nolan took over the 49ers coaching position, he took over a team that was completely rebuilding. He also had a lot of power within the personel department. Although he had some success going through the process, he had quite a few failures. Why? Simply put, inexperience and too much power.

As a defensive coordinator, his defenses have have been very successful. Although they all ranked very high, i've always been attracted by one thing. They all had form of swagger. As Denver's defensive coordinator, they played physical, tuff, and with an attitude. Although he didn't have all the talent to work with, he maximized the players skills and talent. He put them in the right place at the right time. The defense only fell apart towards the end due to a lack of overall talent and depth. As a head coach, he instantly brings the ability to take what we have and make it better. Folks, it doesn't get any better than that. That means no rebuilding. Only solid additions to be made.

Then I think about the some of the coaches he could bring in. Two names come to mind that need to be mentioned. They are Marvin Lewis and Mike Singletary. I think it's fair to say as head coaches of their current NFL teams, their results have been mixed. As assistant coaches, that's another thing. Some people make better coordinators and assistants then head coaches. Marvin Lewis is a tremendous defensive coordinator and has the tract record to prove it. Mike Singletary, who likely would be the assistant head coach/linebackers coach, knows how to coach players up. As with both of them, players come ready and willing to play for them. Period. Their experience in the 3-4 and 4-3 allows for the Broncos transition to be seemless.

Although Mike Nolan would change the offense, i think the changes would only be slightly. Primarily, the focus would be to bring more power running to the offense. The real good news is that there won't be an overhaul of the talent. Why? Because this Denver team is better than what was put out on the field this year. This is where experienced coaches come into to place. They are able to take what talent is there and make them better.

It needs to be mentioned that although Josh McDaniels didn't get the job done, the responsibility falls back on Pat Bowlen. He made the decision to go with an inexperienced coach who in turn had a number of inexperienced assistants. It's for this reason, Pat Bowlen will not allow this team to gutted like it has been. The coach has to be able to take what is here and build upon it. This is why Mike Nolan will be a candidate they will look strongly at.

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