Mocking the draft with a vote for Tebow

Tebow has had his first start and demonstrated, to me at least, that he should be allowed to start for the Denver Broncos in 2011.  The decision to move on from McDaniels in the books.  As some of you know, I felt he should have been given more time to make the monumental changes necessary to rebuild a franchise that had grown to accustomed to mediocre results.  That ship has sailed, but my love for the Broncos has not.  Follow me after the jump, if you would like to know how I think the Broncos can improve their team with the 2011 NFL draft.

I know that it is not always popular to mock the draft with trades, but I just can't help myself.  In addition to the uncertainty with draft trades, the Broncos don't know what system they will run or who will run it.  Given the uncertainty, I will assume for now that the Broncos will keep they same 3-4 defense.  I also believe that the emphasis on versatility on the offensive line, make it flexible enough for any system.  So here we go.


With the second overall pick in the 2011 draft the Denver Broncos select Patrick Peterson CB LSU.

At '6'1& 211lbs with elite speed and  ball skills, Patrick Peterson has a rare combination of qualities that allow him to be an immediate impact player for the Denver Broncos.  In addition, Patrick  upgrades our return game giving him additional value.  Peterson will virtually take away half the field like Champ Bailey did in his prime, and will be needed as I believe Champ will be gone. 

I know the front seven needs work, but I believe the depth in this draft is very good at the DL position, as a result I believe Peterson is the right pick with the second overall selection.

Alternative Picks

If Peterson is off the Board I beleive that Marcell Darius or Nick Fairely would be good picks here.


With the 34th overall pickThe Denver Broncos choose whoever falls between Stephen Paea, J.J. Watt, Cameron Heyward, Allen Bailey, Drake Nevis, Corey Liuget.

The draft is loaded with DE/DT talent throughout the draft especially at the bottom half of the first round and top of the second round.  While it would be difficult to point to one of these guys and say he will be there with the 34th pick one of them is bound to fall.  I think the wisdom is in taking Patrick Peterson with the first pick and being patient to take whichever DL falls to us at 34.

Any one of these players listed above would add a playmaker at the DE position and compete with Vickerson and Bannan for the starting job.

Alternative Picks

Jenoris Jenkins CB Florida,  Ahmad Black FS Florida


Trade Alert

The Minnesota Vikings trade the 46th overall pick to the Denver Broncos for Kyle Orton.

With the 46th overall pick the Denver Broncos choose Martez Wilson ILB Illinois.

At '6' 4 & 250 lbs, Wilson would add the combination of size and speed that Denver has lacked at the SILB position.  Matez is a tackling machine with 110 tackles for Illinois this year.  With 4 sacks he has also proved an abikity to get into the backfield.


With the 47th overall pick(from the Miami Dolphins) the Denver Broncos select Tyler Sash FS Iowa.

All this guy does is tackle!  Against top tier competition in the Big 10 Sash has accounted for 72 tackles in his junior year and 210 for his 3 year career.  And no I am not Sayre with an alternate login!!


Mark Barron FS Alabama


Trade Alert

The Denver Broncos trade Champ Bailey and his 1 year tender to the New England Patriots for the 64th overall pick in the 2011 draft.

With the 64th overall pick the Denver Broncos select whoever falls between Jerrell Powe DT, Jarvis Jenkins, or Kenrick Ellis .

This again is one of those scenarios where it is difficult ot know which of these gentlemen will fall but one of them will likely be there and add the depth behind Jamal Williams to take over as the started in 2012.

NOTE:  I hope we sign champ to a 4 year deal and pay the man, but I do not beleive we can do this so I think we will franchise him and trade him for a pick or picks.


Witht the 70th overall pick of the NFL draft the Denver Broncos select Luke Stocker TE Tennessee

At '6' 6 & 253 LBS Stocker has good hands and moves well.  He would be a good player to add to Gronkowski and Richard Quinn to round out the TE positon for 2010.  Yes we do take 1 offensive player in the first 3 rounds.


With the 98th overall pick the Denver Broncos select Noel Devine RB WVU

at 180 LBS with track speed, it is a bit of a stretch for Devine to be here but I believe he falls and Denver picks up a great 3rd down back to go with Moreno and Ball.


With a lot of defensive help and a couple of key additions to the offense I believe we go into training camp with the following depth chart plus whatever we are able to add through free agency.



LDE Bannan/Thomas           NT Williams/Powe Jenkins Ellis      RDE Watt Heyward Bailey/ Vickerson

LOLB Ayers/Haggen                                                                              ROLB Doom/Hunter

LCB Patrick Peterson/COX    SILB Wilson/Mays  WILB Williams/Woodyard   Nickle COx/Squid  RCB Goodman/Cox

SS Hill/Bruton  FS McBath/Sash




LOT Clady/Clark  LG Beadles/Olson  C Walton/Byers  RG Kuper/Olson  ROT Harris/Beadles

LWR LLOYD/Decker               Slot  Royal/Decker           TE Quinn/Stocker/Gronkowski       RWR Thomas/Gaffney

 QB Tebow/Quinn            RB Moreno/Ball/Devine


There you have it.  BronxBlues first 2011 Mock Draft.  The first 4 rounds.  Corner, DE, ILB, NT for your first four picks all in the first 2 rounds.  With a couple offensive selections to fill a couple of key needs.


Let me know what you think!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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