How to get the Broncos back to the Playoffs Next Year...

Tunraound in the NFL can be quick. We all remmeber the 2007 Falcons, the laughing stock of the NFL. The 1-15 Dolphins that went to the playoffs one year later and of course the Kansas City Chiefs, who only one year ago was at the bottom of the AFC West. In this post, Im going to be playing John Elway, recently hired as VP of Football Operations (Hopefully) to make a quick turnaround of the Broncos franchise...First order of business...after the jump

GM- Eric DeCosta- The Ravens wrote the book on building through the draft and singing/trading for key veterans. We can use someone to assist.

 Head Coach- John Gruden- You know you are good when you win a Super Bowl and get fired from a 9-7 team that wins only 4 games the following season.

O-Coordinater- Gary Kubiak- Brings the zone run game back and we finally are able to run the ball. The run game will thrive and immediately help with Tebows development. Plus he knows how to use, big, tall, fast receivers like Bey Bey Thomas (see: Andre Johnson).

D-Coord-Wade Phillips- Yes, he cant be a head coach...but he knows the 3-4. With $60 mill locked up in Elvis, I dont think we can afford to switch back to the 4-3.


Key Free Agent Signings:


DeAngelo Williams RB- Can split time with Knowhson. Has great hands and is only 27 so there are a few more useful years in his legs. The offense is young and only needs a few upgrades, RB is one of them.

Owen Daniels, TE- We get him on the cheap since he had a down year following an injury. Daniel Graham has brick hands and if we are going back to the zone run game, 2 TE sets are key. Not to mention, a TE is a QBs best friend.

Re-Sign Champ Bailey- He can still shut down number 1 WRs and is good enough in the run game to convert to a safety later in his career.

Chad Greenway LB- Proven run stopper and if you saw both Raiders games, you know that we need upgrades to BOTH inside LB positions. Singing one good tackler in the off-season should help significantly. I cant stand watching our linebackers tackle with their shoulders and miss (repeatedly) in the open field.


2011 NFL Draft:

1st Rd- Patrick Peterson, CB LSU- 6'1" 220 lbs and runs a 4.4...need I say more...but I will, he can return punts and kicks and loves to hit...might actually end up playing safety (another area of need) if we keep Champ we can instantly have one of the best secondaries in the NFL.

2nd Rd- JJ Watts- DE, Wisconsin- 6'6" 295lbs- If you watched the Big 10 you saw that JJ Watt was the best player on the field every time Wisconsin played. He has the size to play the 5 technique and athleticism to rush the passer and stop the run.

2nd Rd- Quan Sturdivant-ILB  North Carolina- The best ILB in this years draft. He can run in the 4.5's and is a ferocious hitter. Could be the best ILB on the roster since big Al Wilson. The big reason our defense has been so porous inst the D-Line, it is the horrible angles and missed tackles by our LB core. DJ Williams and Mario Hagan are just plain bad.

3rd Round- Mark Barron, FS Alabama- 6'2" 215 lbs and a hard hitter that might be able to contribute immediately.


With the remaining picks we need to draft depth on the DL and maybe sneak in a late round RB (which has proven to work under Kubiak). I think we all agree that most if not all of the attention needs to be paid to the defensive side of the ball.


If we play our cards right, our turnaround can be quicker than most people think.


Your thoughts?

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