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Over the past few weeks MHR has been inundated with how to fix the Broncos.  It got me thinking.  What if I were awarded an expansion franchise?  How would I build my organization?  Follow me after the jump to see my simple 9 step plan to building a great franchise.  I also give my thoughts on how the Broncos are doing in this regard and of course, my ideas for improvements…

1 – Get a solid Front Office.  This includes a good owner, GM, player personnel guy, scouts, etc.  I think the key to a good franchise is a solid infrastructure.  Without people making the right decisions, your franchise will never be successful.

2 – Get a QB.  The NFL of today is a QB league.  If recent history has shown us anything, you need a solid QB at worst to help lead your team to a Super Bowl victory.  The position requires more than the physical traits.  Yes, the guy needs to be able to make all the throws.  The guy behind center needs to be the leader of my team.  I need the intangibles, work ethic and fire to motivate 52 other guys on the team.

3 – Get a coach.  I want a coach who coaches.  Coaches coach coaches and players.  I am not looking for a guy who calls offensive or defensive plays.  They leave the play calling to their coordinators.  I think you miss a lot as a coach if you are too focused on one side of the ball.  A coach is also not a GM.   

4 – Protect my QB.  If my team is built around one player, I need to protect him.  Get a line that can block and protect my investment. 

5 – Attack the other team’s QB.  I feel the QB it the single most important player on the field.  Once I am done protecting my guy, I want to get at the other team’s guy.  Get pressure on the QB to create sacks and force turnovers.

6 – Run the football.  Throwing the ball is sexy, but running the ball wins games.  Need proof, ask John Elway.  He did a lot of good things prior to TD.  It took a good running game to allow him to accomplish great things.

7 – Stop the run.  If a team can run the ball on you, it will make for a long day.  Keeping a team from running the ball will keep you in a ton of games.

8 – Have a “special” Special Teams.  I want a kicker who can make the clutch field goal and kick the ball into the end zone on kick offs, a returner who can change field position and a punter who can boom them but has the touch to be able to pin a team deep with a coffin corner kick when needed.  Do those even exist anymore?

9 – Have really hot cheerleaders.  Why not???


Here is my take on how the Broncos are doing in this regard.


1 – Get a solid Front Office Need some work here.  Bowlen is a good owner and Xanders seems like a decent deal maker.  We need some work on the talent evaluation side of the equation.  Solution – Bringing in Elway is a start.  I would do whatever it takes to bring in Tony Dungy in some capacity.  That guy would help get some people motivated and is a great person.  Not sure he wants to coach anymore, but if you can’t find a spot for him in your organization you didn’t even try looking for a spot.  If he wants to coach, the job is his.

2 – Get a QB.  Undecided.  Orton is not the guy, Tebow may be the guy.  No doubt he has the intangibles to lead the team but I want to see what he can do when given a full playbook and time to prepare. Solution – Give Tebow a chance.  Best case scenario is we have found our QB of the future.  Worst case scenario we can trade up to draft  a Matt Barkley in 2012 or trade for a veteran QB.  Please no Andrew Luck comments.  This means you BroncosfanSD…J

3 – Get a coach.  Fail.  We have no coach.  Solution - Personally, I am a Gruden fan.  I’d go Gruden, Herman Edwards and Perry Fewell as my top 3 choices.  I would love to see Kubiak back here as the OC or Norm Chow  and Herm Edwards or Mike Singletary as the DC.  I know we have a lot of money being spent on coaches that are not here, but now is not the time to get cheap.  We have a lot of rebuilding to do.

4 – Protect my QB.  We have struggled this year.  We have a young line, so the pieces may be in place.  We have allowed the 9th most sacks, but that can be attributable to the young line and QB situation.  Solution – Add a Guard in free agency and get some depth later in the draft.   Daniel Graham is way past his prime and needs to be replaced.

5 – Attack the other team’s QB.  Not even close.  We cannot put pressure on the opposing QB.  18 sacks in 14 games will not get it done.  That is good for dead last.  Dumervil should help that number next year.  Heck, he nearly beat that number by himself last year.   Solution – Dumervil coming back healthy.  Use our first round pick on a guy like Dareus or Bowers.  The new system (3-4 or 4-3) will dictate who we pick.  As good as Peterson is, we need someone to get pressure on the QB so teams cannot key on Elvis.

6 – Run the football.  I like Moreno, I really do.  I wish he could stay healthy.  We have struggled to run the ball the last few years, but some of that has to do with the lack of commitment to the running game.  Solution – Commit to the run.  Commit to the run.  Commit to the run.  Get a back-up for Moreno late in the draft or through free agency.

7 – Stop the run.  Have you seen any games this year?  We are 31st in the league allowing 158 yards a game.  How is someone worse than that?  Solution – More talent needed in the front 7.  This is best addressed through the draft.  We can also add a piece or two through free agency.

8 – Have a “special” Special Teams.  Our Special Teams is anything but special.  Prater is good.  Decker has been serviceable, but he is not a return guy.  Colquitt and the punting game are bad.  We are 19th in the league in net punting and dead last in pinning opponents inside the 20.   Solution – Keep Prater.  Use Royal or Cox as our main returner.  Is Mike Horan still alive?

9 – Have really hot cheerleaders.  My wife will kill me for commenting on this, so I will pass and let you all judge this one…


That’s what I would do if I were building a team and my brief assessment of how we are doing in Denver.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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