I have heard that Bowlen wants to dip into the Broncos Past

Living in Oklahoma, I am not too privy as to what all is happening with my beloved Broncos. Although this season I HAVE been hearing it from Chiefs fans and the token Jokeland fan around here.

With the dismissal of McD and the buzz about the next coach and who it may be, I as a fan since 1964 would love to throw in my two cents worth.

I have watched the pitiful days of Mac Speedie and Lou Saban. I saw Ray Malavasi, who took the Rams to the Super Bowl get more out of his partial season than any other "intermittent" coach, including Studesville, so far. I really wanted Malavasi over Saban, but Malavasi did not look the HC part and was not the salesman Saban was.

John Ralston could really build a team. He knew how to draft, except the second round with the exception of Barney Chavous. Carl Wafer, anyone? Ralston was Mr. Rah-Rah, but not a good leader when the chips were falling all around him.

Robert "Red" Miller, an OC from New England and former Broncos OL Coach. Now that guy could get more out of the team than anyone. If only his GM could draft players. I screamed so loud at the radio when I heard names of first round picks like Steve Schindler and Kelvin Clark. Why not R.C. Thielmann over Schindler? Red Miller had a fat OG named Andy Maurer starting at LT when the Broncos went to SB XII, a broken down QB, a waaaay underweight LG and still they did enough to win.

The key to that team though, was the defense. Joel Collier, who failed as the HC at Buffalo was, in my opinion, the best ever DC in Broncos history. He developed guys like Tombstone Jackson, Alzado, Carter, Tom Jackson, Louie Wright, Fletcher, Meck and even got mileage out of a 235 pound DE/NT named John Grant. The man simply knows how to get more from less than anybody.

So if Mr. Bowlen wants to dip into the past to make this team overachieve, hire Joel Collier and Red Miller as Consultants. It is said that Collier has a basement full of stuff from every team, every defense he has ever worked with. He has probably forgotten more than any Ryan brother will ever know about little tweaks, blitzes, coverage schemes and looks. Red would help to get this OL going since he was also very good at developing guys like Leon Gray and John Hannah. These guys were not only great at game planning and covering holes, but also well loved by their players. When Reeves fired Collier I punched a hole in my apartment wall.

I know that the new Coach will want to do things his way, but what HC would not want to sit down with these two gurus of achievements and pick their brains? Since John Elway may be aboard soon and I am sure Rod Smith will follow, why not add two consulting gurus like Red and Joel?

It sure cannot hurt the team any, and may get something going like the Raiders do with their old guys.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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