Mike Lombardi says....

Listening to ESPN this morning and Colin Cowherd , he was talking to NFL channels Mike Lombardi about Tim Tebow.  Lombardi basically said that Denver should never have fired Josh McDaniels because McDaniels believed in Tebow and was a great offensive mind who could tailor Tebow's game.  He then went on to say that he thinks that Tebow will be forced on the next coach and this might make it harder to hire a good head coach.  He thinks that who ever takes the job will be told that Tebow is going to be the QB of the future.

Obviously there is alot of time between now and the draft.  Alot has to happen.  All I can say is that this is going to be another wild offseason.   I remember being in shock when I heard that Pat Bowlen fired Mike Shanahan.  I thought that was a bad firing , but it is now onward and upward.

Here is a completely different idea for The Denver Broncos.  (you should like it Snarf & MUG)

Front Office  -----------   John Elway -   Denver hires Elway to give a different perspective than Joe Ellis or Brian Xanders.


Head Coach -----------    Ron Rivera-   Denver steals this excellent Defensive Coordinator from San Diego.  Rivera has proven to be a excellent coach and Denver finally gets a Defensive Coach.  Rivera has done a exceptional job with San Diego's Defense ranked #1 in the NFL.



Free Agents signed

1.       Mike Tolbert - RB - San Diego -  Riveria wants to pound the ball and signs Tolbert to team with Moreno to pound away at Defenses.


2.       Barry Cofield - DT - NY Giants - Rivera needs to fix the Dline and signs Cofield to a 5 year deal.


3.       Eric Weddle - Safety - San Diego -  Weddle is a FA and signs with his former DC.



Champ Bailey -  is signed to a 4 year extension.   This is a no brainer.

Brandon Llyod -  is signed to a 3 year deal.


Trade -

Eddie Royal is traded to Carolina Panthers for a 3rd Round Pick.  Denver is stacked at WR with Llyod , Gaffney , Thomas , Decker , Willis.

Brady Quinn is traded to KC for a 6th Round Pick - Charlie Weis wants Quinn as backup over Croyle.


2011 NFL Draft -    Denver has the 2nd Pick

1st Round Pick ------------------------------------------------    Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn - 6'4" 300lbs - Rivera drafts this nasty DT who had 11 Sacks and consistently destroyed opposing offensive lines.


2nd Round Pick------------------------------------------------     Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio St. 6'5" 289lbs - Heyward falls to the top of the 2nd Round with a average year but will fit in great at 3-4 DE.


2nd Round Pick -----------------------------------------------      Marcus Cannon - T/G - TCU - 6'5" 350lbs - I believe that Rivera will stay with the Power Blocking scheme and Cannon would be a great addition.


3rd Round Pick(via Carolina)------------------------------      Kelvin Sheppard - LB - LSU - 6'2" 235lbs - Rivera keeps going defense and adds Sheppard.


3rd Round Pick ------------------------------------------------      Kendrick Ellis - NT - Hampton - 6'4" 340lbs - Denver drafts another big DT.


6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------       Eric Hagg - Safety - Nebraska - Denver drafts this good Safety to play special teams and maybe groom to be stater.


6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------       Weslye Saunders - TE - South Carolina - 6'5" 265lbs - Denver drafts this talented TE.


7th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------        Robert Hughes - FB - Notre Dame - 5'11" 250lbs -  Denver adds this true FB.



I for 1 think that if Denver is 1 pick away from Andrew Luck that it should go for it but there is a 50% chance that doesn't happen.  If that doesn't then Denver should go DEFENSE , DEFENSE , DEFENSE.



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