GJ's Take on Josh, the QB, John and the Future

I'd like to think that, as a professional and as a person, I am a measured individual.  I have been processing information, and didn't want to express my opinion on recent Bronco happenings until I had looked at everything and really formed an opinion based on my observations.  That said, it's time.  I can no longer sit back, out of the fray.

1. Josh McDaniels:

I think the MSM I tend to agree with on this is is Michael Lombardi.  Awhile back, I said we needed to give Josh time - the length of his contract  (see my old post entitled "Judging Josh") and we didn't.  he was a 32 year old rookie coach who wanted to completely change the direction of the franchise - in all respects.  What did Bowlen expect?  I think Josh will be a great head coach someday and I think we didn't fully commit to the process of change.  I think we just gave some other team's coach, a guy with a huge brain and balls of steel, some on-the-job training alla the Browns and the Hoodie.  I also think that, in all likelihood, our next coach will get rid of Tebow, which kind of ticks me off (unless we draft Andrew Luck :).  

At the root of my anger, I guess, is the unfulfilled promises of what was to be.  We hired the foremost/sexiest QB guru whiz and I couldn't wait to see him in action.  First, I was excited to see what Josh could do with Cutler.  That didn't happen.  Then, I started having visions of a big, physical quarterback, with intangibles and endorsement deals coming from all orifices, leading us to super bowls through sheer force of will and his superior acumen for the game of football.  His name?  Timothy Richard Tebow - the most marketable athlete on the planet playing for my team and killing it.  Now that won't happen either.  Instead, during Josh's tenure, I was able to watch Josh take Kyle Orton to the height of his talents.  Boy, that was exciting (yawn and sigh).  Don't get me wrong.  Kyle's not the problem and I understand that.  I just feel like we were promised a red Maserati convertible and got a dark green Mazda sedan.  

Like the Hoodie's last year in Cleveland, this year was a perfect storm of injuries and everything that could go wrong going wrong.  I wish Bowlen would've seen that and given Josh one more year to win.  Many believe that after spygate and the Raiders game and all of the controversy that there was no coming back.  It's possible that these people are right.  Still, I just can't help but feel that letting him go this early was a mistake.      


2. The QB situation

You know what they say, when you have multiple options at QB, you have none.  I think Tebow can do it.  I really do.  I think I need to see him throw more to know if he's ready - and Josh obviously didn't think he was - but I think he can be a solid starter or better.  That said, the GM and, ultimately, the new coach should be chosen on the basis of who is best for the job - not who will love / feature and adore Tim Tebow.  Unfortunately, I think Bowlen and his doppelganger, Joe Ellis, might be seeing dollar signs in Timothy's eyes and might base their search, in part, on what that person can do with Tim Tebow.  This is fine as long as it's not the determining factor.  

I don't see any prospects in this draft that I want - other than Andrew Luck.  And there is no way we get him.  Carolina plays Atlanta in Atlanta next week.  Never . . . Going . . . to . . . happen.  So, I expect the new regime to come in and say what new regimes always say - it's an open competition.  They might trade one or more of the guys we have, but, if they don't I expect it to be Brady on Kyle on Timothy crime next fall.  

In the end, i believe in Tebow over Orton.  I think Orton has a cieling and can win big only in the presence of a superior defense and a GREAT offensive line.  I think Tim can be a special QB and has unreal upside.  He can make all the plays Orton can make, along with a million others that Orton can't.  McD called it "unplanned production."  Kyle Orton doesn't even know what this means; whereas, Tebow has the potential to drive coordinators crazy with it.  

Tebow.  Unless we can get Luck - then we consider drafting Luck especially if there's a rookie pay scale.  We'd be able to trade him or keep him and use him.  


3. Elway

I love John Elway.  I watched the NFL film of the Green Bay Super bowl today and couldn't help but get choked up at the end.  The truth is that I think that John should take over for Joe Ellis.  I cannot stand Joe Ellis.  I don't like his tone.  I don't like his haircut and I think he's the reason Josh is gone.  Remember, a week before Josh was fired Pat said he had no interest in making a coaching change.  Then he issued a seemingly contradictory statement.  Then he fired Josh.  Either Bowlen is schitzo or Joe Ellis is pulling the strings and moved Pat off of his original position - which is what I think happened.  

All of that said, I wouldn't mind him being an assistant GM or assistant director of football operations or . . . .  I don't think he's qualified to be a GM or head coach.  Still, he's John Elway.  If he's our coach I'll love him.  If he's our GM, I'll love him.  But I think he'll have more of a front office position and am very glad that he's back in the mix up at Dove Valley.


4. The future:  I wish I had answers, but at this stage I think it's even more important to identify the questions.  

a) What organizational structure will we have?  I think we need a GM first, then a coach.  

b) Is Tim Tebow the QB of the future?  If not, can we afford to spend more draft picks on the offense (especially QB) with our D in the state it's in?

c) What is Champ's fate?  If he goes, given Cox's likely non-future, do we almost have to go after Patrick Peterson if he's there?  Our secondary is soooo old.  Dude.  

d) How long will it take for the new GM to cut Nate Jones?  Hopefully less than 5 minutes - at least that's where I'd set the over.  

There are obviously a million more questions - honestly, I'm too tired at this point to go on anymore.  

Much love MHR.  I'm going to stop now; otherwise, I might go loco. 



-GJ out    

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