Thanks For The Jump-Start Tebow

Although the Broncos opening drive was exciting, the first half of Sunday's game was deja vu all over again. Frankly I hardly got upset at all, having seen it too many times this season. Seriously thought about bagging it at half time, but wanted to see more of Tebow. Thankfully I stuck it out and was entertained and energized by the heart, spirit, and talent of Tim Tebow.

In fact, I have to say that watching that performance rekindled my Broncomania! I've been a fan since the 70's and have been up and down with the team over the years. Always during those times was the thought that even if this year isn't "our year", it could be next year.

Not so over the past few years. It seemed as though the Broncos had lost those qualities that had made them the Denver Broncos. After the Elway years the team often appeared to just be going through the motions. And on top of that, the never-ending-drama of the past two seasons has stretched my faith pretty thin. I longed to get back to football, good old fashioned, mow'em down, run till you drop, never say die, 60 minute football.

My friends got tired of hearing me say that I really wouldn't be upset if the team lost, as long as they went out and battled their butts off for 60 minutes. Hey, a good blow-out can be fun at times, especially against a "hated" division rival, but hard fought, close contests are IMHO what make the game great. Although there have been a few games like that in the past 10 years, they've been too few and too far between.

Sunday's game however, brought it all back home again and charged my Bronco passion to well over the top of the meter. What I saw was a player who gave 110% every second of the game, would not accept defeat, and in so doing, inspired his teammates to play their hearts out alongside him. We didn't even need the sideline shots of him going among his teammates on the sideline, exhorting and encouraging, and challenging them to see how they were responding to him; we could see it on the field.

It was also very obvious to the fans in the stands who once again found something to yell and scream about and to jump and pound and kick in the beloved Mile High Stomp. As someone else pointed out, it was great to see the jiggly camera shots towards the end of the game. It was also fun to hear the game announcers talking louder and louder, as the game came to the end, trying to talk above the crowd noise.

So it looks to me like Tim Tebow jump-started not only his teammates, but the entire Bronco fan base  by his performance. I doubt that there will be nearly 6,000 no-shows next weekend! Frankly I think that the Broncos have an uphill battle on their hands and wouldn't be surprised if they can't chop the Dolts off at the knees. At this point, I don't think it matters at all, because what we will see will be a team playing their butts off for an entire 60 minutes, never giving up, never mailing it in, never going through the motions. They will be playing Denver Bronco ball, and to you Tim Tebow, my sincere thanks!

As an aside, it was also heartwarming on Sunday to see the Dolts exposed for the fraud that they are, the Raiders schooled by Peyton Manning (did you see the "Tebow" he pulled at the end of the game?), and the Chiefs, who will represent our division in the playoffs, come out strong and victorious. All in all, one of the best weekends of the season.

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