Broncos vs Texans: The no Bull review

I'm a little behind in posting this, but hey...better late than never.  There was a lot of good in this game and a lot of bad.  It was really great to see a little spark of Mile High magic alive and well with our beloved team.  I caught Tebow answering a question to the media and he even called the stadium the right name...sure he'll get chastised for it by management, but who cares?


  • Offensively I give a big thumbs up to McCoy for getting out of the way of Tebow and letting him throw much more than last game.  Well done!  I still doubt you'll be here next year, but you did the right thing this week.
  • Defensively I don't think I can harp too much on the coaching, because it was more the players from what I saw.


  • Tebow did a solid job and brought to us what Orton couldn'"it".  Let me break down a couple things here.
    • He still has a lot to work on and I have faith that he will continue to improve.  I'm not terribly worried about his mechanics...they should still sharpen them, but I'm more concerned about him working on reads and types of throws
    • His INT was awful.  Hopefully that is one you can chalk up to a "learning lesson".  I for one expect that he never throws a fade route low and inside ever again.
    • His footwork should be a BIG focus this offseason as it will improve his game the most of all the things he could focus on.  He is taking too long to get set for his throws and isn't always in the right position to get an accurate throw off.
    • He needs to also work on looking down field when the pocket collapses instead of looking to run.  He should work his outlets more unless he has open field to run in.
  • Moreno needs to stay is bugging me that he keeps coming back for less than a half of the game and then we are left with Ball and Buckhalter.
  • Buckhalter had the game of his year....that isn't saying much and to me I don't think he should be a big part of the equation moving forward.
  • Loyd is the man hands down.  Get him one-on-one and throw it up for the guy.  He will go get it for you.  I love having a receiver like that.
  • I like that Tebow is looking to use Royal more than Orton seemed to.  Royal had a drop or two, but he was at least in the mix instead of being the missing weapon.


  • There needs to be some wholesale changes at the linebacking corps this offseason.  Yeah, they seemed to step up a little in the 2nd half, but moreso Houston beat themselves with bad throws and drops than we did in stopping them with good play.
  • DJ needs to go.  I would even be happy if we just cut him at this point.  For those of you harping about his tackle total, I tell you that tackles don't mean much if you've let the carrier get 5 - 8 yards down the field.  Unless we switch back to the 4 - 3 and put him at the Will, I'm not excited about him staying on the team at all and this game did nothing to change my opinion.
  • Dawkins looked too slow to me in this game.  He was still there, he was still reading the plays well, but he just couldn't get to them.  He looked a lot like John Lynch in his last year with us.
  • Hill had an okay game.  I'd like more than okay from my free safety though...I'm still a fan of putting Bailey back there asap.
  • Cox sure looked good a couple of times...I hope he ends up being innocent and can stay on the field.  He's a good CB with the chance to be great.
  • Squid showed some serious smarts when he made the game winning INT.  He caught it, then went down and didn't do ANYTHING a matter of fact, he covered it up completely so that we wouldn't lose possession.  Love it man...I look forward to seeing you more next training camp!
  • I'll close by saying this...whoever our next DC is needs to make sure to either teach the guys we keep to tackle or identify those who won't and can them.  I'm sick of seeing weak arm tackles and hits without wrapping the guy up...I think that was at least a third of our yards in this game that we gave away...probably more like half if you really got down and analyzed it.

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