How about solving the problems?

Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of hearing people point out general (sometimes false) problems, without giving any solutions or even providing the specifics to the problems?  I'm listening to good ole' Mike and Scott on 104.3, and caller after caller is complaining endlessly.  I'm not going to rush to the defense of McDaniels.  I am probably one of the few people who like him, and I firmly believe that he will win at least one Super Bowl in his career.  I doubt it will be with the Broncos, but I don't think that a guy with the intelligence and passion that McD has goes without a Super Bowl win, especially with how young he is.  And with all the talk of Elway taking over as the GM/Football Czar/GM, I just want everyone to logically think through the issues without emotionally jumping on the Hater Bandwagon.

So here's my question: what position on this team needs drastic improvements in personnel? 

McD has been far from perfect in personnel decisions, but in my opinion he has brought in a lot of talent.  Say what you will about the people he has traded away or let go on the offensive end.  Give me a position that is weak.  Tight end?  That is the only position that I can see on the offense that really needs improvement. 

How about the D?  McD has drastically improved the line.  It's still not all-star caliber, but Bannan and Williams have been more than solid.  Our linebackers have been inconsistent but that will happen when you have your pro-bowl outside LB out for the season, and your 1st round draft pick out for substantial time.  The secondary is either too young or too old.  But the young guys have potential, and the old guys are former pro-bowlers. 

So how can you drastically improve this team?  The answer is that you can't instantly.  It takes time to get better through the draft, and a few free agent pick-ups.  Which is exactly what McD is doing.

I know that everyone knows the stat.  28 players on Shanahan's roster are not good enough to be on ANY NFL teams roster this year.  That is bad.  That is awful.  Why do people ignore that? 

To be honest, I completely disagree with the thinking that McD should just coach and have nothing to do with personnel.  I feel like he has been far better making personnel decisions than he has done coaching.  We are by FAR the most talented team on the bottom layer of the NFL.  We just aren't playing well consistently.  We lack focus.  Can the fans cries for a new coach contribute to that?  I believe so.  How about we rally around our team and actually do what fans are supposed to do (motivate their team to perform)? And if you don't want to rally around McD, then at least provide specific solutions!  Everyone can find things to complain about, but it takes intelligence to provide solutions.  Lets show our intelligence Bronco fans.

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