Another too early off season scenario

An attempt at what will be an important off season of the Denver Broncos

So it appears that the front office is taking shape with Elway and Xanders being the main decision makers in personnel going forward so I will leave that alone.

First the next Head Coach of the Denver Broncos:

Ron Rivera (Current SD DC) His name has come up in coaching searches in the past and the Broncos front office feels now is the time to give him his first HC job.

Defensive Coordinator:

Mike Singletary (former 49ers HC) Rivera makes a call to his former Chicago teammate and gets him to sign on as the next DC in Denver.

Offensive Coordinator:

I am not sure on who will be available. The next OC is gonna have to be someone innovative who can use Tebow's skill set correctly.

If the right position coaches are brought in it will help make this staff one of the best in the NFL.



Champ Bailey He is still one of the best CB in the league and has been for numerous years. I would love for him to be able to get a ring and hopefully by the time he makes the move to an all-pro Safety we will be ready to make a run at the title.

Ryan Harris When healthy he is one of the better RT in the game now that he will be protecting the blindside we need a top flight RT and Harris is one.


Vernon Davis Tim Tebow's new best friend. A great TE is the best weapon a young QB can have ask Matt Ryan.

Carl Nicks He'll be another pricey FA, but come a little cheaper then Logan Mankins. If Zane Beadles is our 6th OL we have the makings of a dominate OL.

Donte Whitner Stud Safety helps the defense as we rebuild it


Kyle Orton for a 4th round pick. Kyle moves on to a new team to play until they find their QB of the future


We currently have 6 picks in the upcoming draft: 1-1st 2-2nds 1-3rd and 2-6ths

With the 2nd pick the Denver Broncos ***TRADE***  to the Cleveland Browns who move up to take the #1 player on their board A.J. Green WR UGA. Carolina selects Patrick Peterson CB LSU as Andrew Luck decides to stay at Stanford.

Broncos get pick #7 , 2nd round, 4th round and 2012 2nd round for 2nd overall pick and NE 6th round

With the 7th pick the Denver Broncos ***TRADE*** to the Minnestoa Vikings as they try to move ahead of Arizona and SF for the QB of their Choice

Broncos get pick #12, 3rd round and 4th round for the 7th pick

With the 12th Pick the Denver Broncos select:


Adrian Clayborn: (6'4" 285 Lb) DE Iowa: Clayborn is a stud DE and has the size to play a 3-4 end. As talented as the other DE prospects, but the picks involved in getting to here make him a more valuable player.

2nd Round the Denver Broncos select:

Jimmy Smith (6'2" 205 Lbs) CB Colorado Great CB on a bad college football team. Starts opposite Champ week 1. Makes Goodman a possible camp casualty depending on the legal situation of Perrish Cox

2nd round (Cleveland) the Denver Broncos select:

Phil Taylor (6'4" 340 Lbs) NT Baylor Big body to come in and learn from Jamal Williams before taking over for him later during the year.

2nd Round (Miami) the Denver Broncos select

Christian Ballard (6'5" 297 Lbs) DE Iowa Another Big body on the DL who was productive over his college career. The Broncos DL gets much needed talent in the 1st 4 picks of the Bronco draft.

3rd Round the Denver Broncos select:

Colin McCarthy (6'2" 240 Lbs) ILB Miami A talented player that leads his defense with passion think Dan Morgan.

3rd Round (Minnesota) the Denver Broncos select:

Kendall Hunter (5'8" 200 Lbs) RB Oklahoma State After watching him in his bowl game this kid can play and would be a huge addition to the back field.

4th Round (Cleveland) the Denver Broncos select:

Casey Matthews (6'2" 235 Lbs) LB Oregon Bloodlines alone say he's worth taking a flyer on. Should turn into a solid NFL LB and contribute right away on ST.

4th Round (Minnesota) the Denver Broncos select:

Lee Ziemba (6'6" 320 Lbs) OL Auburn OL depth can play T or G. Great size

6th Round the Denver  Broncos select:

Ryan Winterswyk (6'4" 270 Lbs) OLB/DE Boise State Solid pass rusher


Other then having no clue about OC I think the Denver Broncos would be well on their way back to the playoffs and Super Bowl contenders after a couple years. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts and possible OC in the comments

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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