AndreMC - Offseason's mock 1.0

This is the first post I make in this site, so I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Brazillian, but it doesn't change the fact that I am completely adicted for the Denver Broncos. I'm a bit nervous, because I don't know how that site works, but let's go on business.


 In the next couple of weeks the Broncos may hire their future HC, Coordinators and Staff.

General Manager - Brian Xanders


IMO, keep Xanders as GM. Josh McDaniels had total control of the team. Just for noticing, Xanders wanted Orakpo (with pick 12) or Matthews (with pick 18). Just for noticing, he didn't know about Hillis-Quinn trade. Give him some more influence and see what he can do. He said he spends 10 hours per day watching films and getting to know talents around the country.

Defensive Coordinator - Wade Phillips


Bring back Wade Phillips. He may not have done a good job as a Head Coach, but he can coach defenses pretty well, as he did with the Broncos from 1993 to 1996.

Offensive Coordinator - Mike McCoy


Mike McCoy is somebody Tebow already said he trusts and is somebody who is always there when he needs. Against Oakland I agree the play-clling was too conservative, but it was just Tebow's debut, they couldn't tell him to throw much more than he did. In the game against Houston, Tebow threw it way more, certainly because he was more confident. McCoy likes Rollouts, screens and play actions things that fit perectly Tebow' style of play.

Head Coach - Ron Rivera


The Denver Broncos really need improvment on the defensive side of the ball. The water Rivera touches turns into wine and that's exactly what the Broncos need. IMO Broncos should change from 3-4 to 4-3, and he used to use 4-3 by the times he was the Bears' DC, the year that a poor QB reached the Superbowl (due to the defense). I think that with that group of Coordinator he might succeed as a HC. I could have put Harbaugh here and Rivera as DC, but I don't want the chance of the Broncos to go up and pick Andrew Luck, Tebow is our QB.

Free Agents

Chad Greenway, LB - Greenway would team-up with DJ Williams as our OLBs in our new 4-3 scheme.

Barry Cofield, DT - Cofield is an young complement for that defense, the same scheme he played in New York.

Dawan Landry, SS - Landry comes from a great Baltimore defense with some experience to add. Good replacement for Hill.


Ryan Harris, OT - Key piece of our OL, may be moved to LT and Clady would take over at RT and guard Tebow's blindside.

Champ Bailey, CB - It made me think a bit, but Bailey said he wants to see what Tim "The Winner" Tebow can do.

Marcus Thomas, DT - He showed that he plays much better at 4-3. Keep him as a back-up.

Kevin Vickerson, DT - One of our surprises this year. Maybe better as 4-3 DT.

Matt Prater, K - Great year, showing more accuracy and his weirdly strong leg is still there.


Brian Dawkins (retire), Jamaal Williams, Ron Fields, Ryan Mc'Bin', Laurence Maroney, Nate Jones, Daniel Graham, Wesley WoodyardRuss Hochstein, Renaldo Hill and Correl Buckhalter.


Kyle Orton, QB - Trdade for 3rd and 5th rounder (Seahawks)

Eddie Royal, WR - Traded for 3rd rounder (Redskins)

2011 Draft - I'll predict that the Broncos will pick at #3.

1st round - TRADE - Denver Broncos trades pick #3 to Arizona for 10th and 42nd

1st round, 10th overall - Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon Sate


We need somebody to pair-up with Cofield and Paea brings a huge talent and good size to the table in a position we trully need. Arizona selected Cam Newton with the pick 3.

2nd round, 35th overall - Mark Herzlich, MLB, Boston College


Very talented player with a great story in his back. Now he is cancer free and ready to play. Another position that we need.

2nd round, 42th overall - Quinton Carter, SS, Oklahoma


Quinton Carter is a hard-hitter, but he takes good angles against the pass and run.

2nd, 45th overall - Sam Acho, DE, Texas


Acho is usually compared to former Texas, Brian Orakpo. Very athletic and strong with good instincs.

3rd round, 67th overall - Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia


IMO he is underrated, should be available. One of the top CBs on the Draft. Cox's replacement if he's arrested.

3rd round, 75th overall - Casey Matthews, LB, Oregon


I'm Ducks fan so I've seen this guy playing all year long and I can tell you: A lot of talent. Underrated.

3rd round, 80th overall - Luke Stocker, TE, Tennessee


Stocker is exactly what Denver needs. 3 down TE who combines size and speed. 3 year starter at the Volunteers.

4th round, 101st overall - Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky


Locke is a burner at 5'9. But don't think he can't run through you.

5th round, 135th - Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU


Some depth for our OL.


Final Roster

QB: T. Tebow  (B. Quinn, FA)

RB: K. Moreno (L. White, L. Ball, D. Locke)

FB: S. Larsen (R. Quinn)

WR: B. Lloyd (D. Thomas)

WR: J. Gaffney (B. Davis)

WR: E. Decker ( M. Willis)

TE: Luke Stucker (R. Quinn, D. Gronkowski)

RT: R. Clady  (Z. Beadles)

LT: R. Harris (Z. Beadles)

RG: Z. Beadles (E. Olsen) 

LG: K. Kuper (E. Olsen)

C: JD Walton (J. Kirkpatrick)

RE: E. Dumervil (J. Hunter)

DT: B. Cofield (J. Bannan, M. Thomas)

DT: S. Paea (K. Vickerson, L. Leonard)

LE: R. Ayers (S. Acho)

OLB: C. Greenway (C. Matthews)

MLB: M. Herzlich (J. Mays)

OLB: D.J Williams (M. Haggan)

CB: C. Bailey (P. Cox, C. Vaughn)

SS: Dawan Landry (Q. Carter)

FS: D. McBath (D. Bruton)

CB: A. Goodman (Ras-I Dowling, S. Thompson)

K: M. Prater

P: B. Colquitt


What do you think about it? Suggestions?

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