Off Season of our Dreams!

We are in for a long yet exciting off-season in Bronco Country. We will be announcing John Elway at the VP of Operations the day after the Chargers game and it looks like we are going to keep Xanders and the scouting department intact. Im a fan of that move because we cant afford turnover in the scouting department this late in the process with all of the holes that need to be fixed with the current roster.

GM-Xanders keeps his scouting department intact and they actually focus on team needs now that McDaniels is gone (defense)

Head Coach-Jim Fassell- Six of the last 10 Super Bowls were lead by a coach on their second tour of duty manning a different team (Belichick x3, Gruden, Dungy, Vermeil). Fossil was the coach of the Giants in 2001 when lost in the Super Bowl . He is a great offensive mind and also has great relationships with the two best coordinators on the market.


Offensive Coordinator- Gary Kubiak, Fassell was his QB coach when he played for the Broncos and brings a knowledge of the running game that we need in order to support Tebow in the future.The Texans say they are going to keep Kubiak, we will see how the season ends. I lived in Houston and I know the fan-base is calling for his head.

Defensive Coordinator- Wade Phillips, coached with Fassell when he was with the Broncos and is a master of the 3-4 defense. He is what the Broncos need to get this defense whipped back into shape along with a few good drafts and FA acquisitions.

Free Agent Signings-

Kellen Winslow-TE- Still explosive and a great weapon in the red zone. A TE is a young QBs best friend. We need to bring in someone who can actually catch the ball and help in Tebows development

Barrett Ruud- ILB- A downhill ILB that is great in the run game. Takes great angles and wraps up thus doesnt miss many tackles. Will impact the run defense immediately.

DeAngelo Williams-RB- Knowshon is not an everydown back. He has durability concerns and the addition of Williams (only 27 yrs old) will significantly help us in the redzone and make the Broncos one of the best offenses in the NFL. We are not going to win many games asking Tebow to throw it 50 times a game. Williams paired with Moreno in Kubiaks offense will lead the NFL in rushing, the same blueprint the Chiefs used this year.

Champ Bailey- Resign him already

Brandon Lloyd- His circus catches made Orton and Tebow look good all year long.

Ryan Harris- When healthy, one of the best RT in the AFC

2011 NFL Draft (assuming we lose a close game to the Chargers this weekend thus selecting 2nd overall)

1st Round-Nick Fairley,,DT Auburn - A true 5 technique. Can penetrate in the run game and rush the passer if needed. Youth infused into the D-Line has to be a huge priority this off season.


2nd Rd- Gred Jones- ILB Michigan State- Fast and sure tackler. Can cover TEs and come up and stop the run.

2nd Rd (From Miami)- Kyle Rudolph- TE Notre Dam- 6'6" and sure hands. Can team up with Winlsow to provide a serious threat in the red zone. If we are going back to the zone run scheme 2 TE sets are a must. Winslow and Rudolph can form a tandem that is unrivaled in the NFL.

3rd Rd- Duenta Williams- FS North Carolina- A 6'2" 220lb former receiver that has great ball skills, likes to punish runners and is always around the ball. A first round talent that slips to the 3rd because of a broken bone in his ankle during his bowl game.


With the latter picks we need to address the FB position and a project at OLB that can actually rush the passer (uhumm. Ayers)....


This is a great model to set us up for the future. If Tebow continues his development, we can have a turnaround as quick as the Chiefs or Falcons and compete for a Super Bowl in just a few years.



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