Not another stinking Mock of the Bronco's!

This is my mock draft. I read everyone comments about who they want to be the next head coach of the
Bronco's and the players we must take. Lets see how twisted I can be! follow the jump.... if you dare!!!!!!!

  • HC Bob Stoops
  • OC Josh Mcdaniels

  • DC Dick LeBeau

I feel so evil!!!!!!! Is that groaning and moaning i hear? Yes!!!!!!!! I have done well?! you may ask why Stoops, but
he commands the best out of his players. he is very strict and passionate and holds players accountable. He
does what is right for his team.
Oh no the return of the most hated man on the Bronco's coaching tree! You ask why? Well actually that was a joke
the guy that will be the OC is Pat Shurmur. A solid run to set up the pass oc. Look at what he has done with
Sam Bradford this year!
Dick LeBeau are you nutters?????? Yes very solid good teaching DC that demands accountablity and can be a
a teacher of pure nastiness. Oh yeah he is a 3-4 guy. no need to totally revamp for a 4-3. Also the inventor of
the "zone blitz"

Have I done it? Made people moan and groan? Thinking what the hell is the person doing and thinking? Can we
think outside the box and try to not recycle old coaches that have been here already?

Traded to Mn Kyle Orton for a 2nd and 4th in 2011 and a 3rd in 2012.
Most preceive that Orton has little to no value. Saying we would be lucky to get a 5th rounder for him if lucky.
All i have to say is WHAT THE HELL MAN! There are way to many teams that are in need of a good decent starter,
and how many starters are or will be available come fa time? Orton will never draw a first round pick, but i maybe wrong. There can and most likey will be some type of bidding war. Here is a current list of teams in need of a starting QB:

  •       1: Minnesota- Tjak is not the future and joe webb isnt either.
  •       2: Miami- Henne? nope. what about Ortons favorite target Marshall?
  •       3: Arizona- built for a win now not later
  •       4: Seattle- Carroll want to take time a develop his qb of the future
  •       5: Tennessee- Can we say by by Young? Yup the door wont hit him on the way out
  •       6: Cincy- Palmer has seen his better days. no longer the same player as he was befor the injury
  •       7: Oakland- Not much of a chance here but you never know........
  •       8: San Fran- Can we say Alex Smith anyone?
  •       9: Carolina- need I say more?
  •     10: Washington- very iffy but you never know.................
  •     11: Dallas- Insurance for Romo....

Traded to New Orleans  Champ for a 2nd, and RB Bush
I would so love to keep Champ but I dont see it. Going there gives him a shot at a championship which
unfortunitly we can't do.... well maybe if it all falls right.


  •        Chris Hoke NT, good back up and adds depth
  •        LaMarr Woodley RLB, Good young and mean as hell! Starter rush side lb
  •        Paul Soliai NT, out played his contract and is 6'4" 340
  •       Roy Williams Safety, added depth and Stoops knows how to use him
  •       Antonio Cromartie CB, we all know him
  •       Owen Daniels TE good blocker and pass cacher
  •       Danieal Manning  S, plays hard good motor
  •       Rocky McIntosh LB,  plays hard and hits hard
  •       Barrett Ruud LB, 110 tackles 2 sacks


Draft: Round 1  Denver trades the 3rd pick to Detroit for the number 9 pick and 3rd round and 6th round pick
                       Denver trades the 9th pick to Washington for the 12th pick and a 4th round pick
                       Trade to washington WR Royal for a 3rd round pick and a 2nd round in 2012
                       Denver Takes Da'Quan Bowers*, Clemson With the 12th pick of round 1
                       Denver takes Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma OLB/DE round 2
                       From MN Dever takes Cameron Heyward, Ohio State ILB round 2
                       From NO Denver takes Curtis Brown, Texas CB round 2
                       Denver takes Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss DE round 3
                       from Detroit Denver takes Joe Lefeged, Rutgers SS round 3
                       Denver takes Chase Beeler, Stanford C, round 4
                        from Washington Denver takes Mike McNeill, Nebraska TE round 4
                        Best Talent available for the rest of the Draft

Ok there is my completely off the wall mock up of our Denver Broncos. My goal is not to make people mad or
whatever but to open your eyes to what else is out there. Lets not recycle coaches that have been here before
and no Gruden! We need to move on and get our team back to winning ways! Shanny is gone he is a good coach but it was time to move forward. We where stale, predicable, and worst of all Shanny wanted another Elway.  Where is our identity? Lets get it back. Let us have a set of fresh new faces that will teach and make players account for themselves. Lets go forward and just look back at days gone by and say you know those where good days but i am Proud to be here watching this team and I hope our future is brighter than our past! We have Tebow and I hope he can be SUPERMAN for this team. The building blocks are here, we just need some pieces to bring it all together.

This is my first post hope it does what I wanted it to do! To open all our eyes and see there is more out there than what has been shown. I guess all I can say now is let the beating begin!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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