Thoughts on some players and overall direction so far

Kyle Orton

He is good. Really good. So far though he is not clutch. Trust me I am one of the biggest Orton supporters out there. This year he has proven himself to be a really good Quarterback. Late in a game with the game on the line he just has not gotten it done. Yes, we are spoiled by the Elway, Plummer, even some Cutler comebacks. When we are down in the 4th somehow we are going to win it. That has been the Denver script for 25 years. So far when the game is on the line he has not gotten it done. Does that mean Orton should sit? No, of course not. He is by far the best QB on the team.

Tim Tebow

Since I am logical today I can say this. He shouldn't play yet. When we are losing and Orton takes a sack even though his numbers are insane I even say put Tebow in. Proof that I would make a horrible coach. HA HA! I think he is being handled the right way right now. Let him sit and when the day comes that he starts, he will be 100% ready and will carve up the NFL.

Knowshon Moreno

Is a beast. The guy may only have 1 100 yard rushing game, but without him our team is not complete. He will be a really good running back as long as injuries don't stall him more. 

Brandon Marshall... I mean stokley... I mean Lloyd... yeah Lloyd

Josh when you look at the draft this year lets just draft a wideout with Brandon as his first name. Now  I know that Marshall and stokes are gone I just need their names for my little joke. Ha Ha. Lloyd took over Marshalls spot flawlessly. I don't feel that I need to talk to much about this all of our wideouts stepped up and look great.

Our Defense

They stink! Yet somehow they can stop good running teams... And can't stop bad running teams... Thats a big question mark. Anyway, inside all of that stink is a few pleasant smells. Champ and of course Dawk. But my favorite is Joe Mays. For some reason I see a stud in the making here and maybe the player that you should start building your defense around. He is like young Al Wilson out there. Hopefully we can address some areas here in the draft

Josh McDaniels

Needs to be our coach next year. This season has been a disappointment so far yes, but the team is starting to take to the direction that josh is going for. If we start over again, fans are just going to be more and more frustrated and hopeless. Its tough! We are so used to winning. Its confusing to have a bad season for us, but hang in there things are looking for the better.

I don't have much else to say. Oh and I am not the best at grammar and I will be the first to admit it. So for all you english teachers out there give me a break will ya. HA 

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