My short sighted thoughts

Today's game was a nail biter.  I have gotten over being mad after last weeks debacle.  So this week I could just watch the game.  A few things stood out for me today in no particular order....

1.  Bruton got the start and I thought played pretty well. I am interested in the rest of your guy's and gal's opinion on this one but it is a start in the right direction.  Squid did some very nice things as well.  Even McCarthy found his way on the field for something other than special teams.

2.  Where did this D come from.   They played inspired and I was very proud of them.  It is one of the hardest placed to play and all the things were set up for them to fold early and they kept battling.  Say what you will about Champ and DJ but they are 2 very good football players.

3.  We actually had a designed play to the TE on the roll out when Orton hit Gronk.  Nice play I want more of those type plays over the middle.

4.  When we blitz,  90% of the time (no that is just a guess I dont have real backup) we get blocked or the other team throws to it's "hot" receiver usually the TE for a BIG gain.  When the other team blitzes,  Orton goes down or throws it into their arms getting the ball knocked down.  Why is this?  What are other teams doing with their blitzes that we are not.  I see most of our guys engaged so I dont know why WE cant get to the QB at all.

5.  Teams can read our screen passes 2 downs before they happen it appears.  We have got to stop and run draw plays or misdirection or something.  It cant be to hard to figure out if I can call them before the ball is snapped. I am some loser in the basement watching my favorite team, not an NFL caliber scout.

6.  Related to #5... McD is not doing us any favors with his game management or play calling.  Leaving too much time on the clock at the end of the 1st half and letting them take our momentum away.  More Knowshon and more TE designed plays take the heat off of your Offense when they are working like they did today and he did not capitalize on any of that late in the game when it was important to run out the clock with that final score.  Dont even ask me about the PUNT.  We are 3 and fricken 7.  GO FOR IT!!!

7.  John Elway for GM

8.  I am still at a loss as to why we do not play Tebow for more than a play at a time.  He needs to be brought along and why not give him a few plays when things are going bad for a change of pace. When teams are blowing our QB down cause he is so immobile and we are not blocking,  Try something new.   I dont think it is time to start him out right but a few series here and there will really help us in the future.

9.  Overall something to build on but as most of you are as well I am tired of having to say that.  I want to win even if it costs us that 5th overall pick in the draft.  Oh and those of you saying TRADE dont even think about it.  Top 5 talent is not worth giving up unless someone wants a QB and has a pick just below where we are.

Good luck Broncos next week.  I feel it is the make or break game for McD.  If we get beat by them, then he is as good as gone in my opinion.

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