All I Want for Christmas is a New Head Coach


Call me a fickle fan all you want but i think its time for the Josh McDaniel's era to come to an end.

I had an epiphany today while watching the abysmal excuse for a NFL game played by the Broncos on Sunday. Josh Mcdaniels has come into Denver and has changed the offense around to be "his" offense. This offense is supposed to mirror the prolific offense of the 2007 patriots which is one of the main reasons he was hired in the first place. And i do give him credit for this, he has taken Kyle Orton and made him into a QB that is well above his actual skill level. He has brought Brandon Lloyd back from the dead and has also drafted what i beleive is in reality a ture franchise running back in Moreno even though he has had some bad press this season. 

But what i realized today is this, McDaniel has his QB, his Rb, his o-line, his TE and his WR's and yet our offense seems incapable in sustaining drives and having consistency from game to game and even from quarter to quarter. I mean, there is nothing else he can ask for in terms of talent and draft picks playing in his system and yet i see no progress at all. His play calling is very questionable in many situations and i like to joke that at times it seems like he is simply playing a game of madden with real players. 

So from this arises the question, didnt we bring McDaniels in as an offensive minded coach to take our team to the next level? Has he done this i really dont think so. Plus, our defense has not improved at all and has only gotten older with very little depth behind the aging starters. I think we do have some talent on the densvie side of the ball, doom, dj, big vick, champ and some promising talent in mcbath(if he can stay healthy for 5 secodns), cox, squid, mays (my new fav player) and ayers. but its just not adding up to sucess as we can all see.

  Also his personel decision are very questionable. I mean i can just list tons of decisons that have been so polarizing in the sports community. Phonz, Tebow, hillis and quinn, cutler, marshall, sheffler, nolan, torain, and so many others, I mean we must be the most written about NFL team in the past two years.

All of this leads up to the main point of this article. I know lot of people want to give josh another year to see what can happen buti think its time we cut our losses and look to hire a defensive minded coach with a bit more experience in the nfl. There are so many options avaible to us to pursue who could come in here and bring the broncos back in the direction we all beleive that they can go in.


Option 1: Bill Cowher

He is the top of my list in terms of who i think is the best fit for our team. i have no clue on his availability or interest in coming back into a coaching job but i think if he is avaible we need to grab him while we can. This guy brings in a winning attitude, a lot of experience and a great defensive mind. He can delegate responsibilites to other coaches which in my opinion is a mjor issue with mcdaniels and we all know he will make our defense tough again. He is well respected in this legue and would bring a sense of validity back to a staple franchise of the NFL that has taken some hits.

Option 2: Jon Gruden

Another prime candidate who also may or may not want to get back into coaching soon. Gruden is more offensively minded but obviously has deep roots in the defense. Also he is a huge fan of tebow which is important considering how much we invested to get him. I think he would really coach up this team and is a really hands on guy. I think he has a certain spark about him that really affects a teams attidtude and honestly anyone who can work with al davis must be a pretty easy going guy.

Option 3: Leslie Frazier

This is the guy i wanted denver to hire in the first place 2 years ago. Comes from an established system, knows a good defense from the back of his hand and is very calm and demands respect from his players. I dont know if minnesotta will let go of a guy like this but i have a feeling they might. I think he would be an excellent hire though he runs a 4-3 which isnt ideal for us but then again our scheme clearly isnt working so its worth a try.

Option 4: Ron Rivera

Here's a guy that has coached an extremly consistent san diego denfense for the past few years. He is good at what he does and could bring an edge to defense we are definatly missing. I think this would be a solid hire.

Option 5: Perry Fewell

Current Giants d-coordinator he was head coach of the bills for a bit last year and wasnt to shaby. The giants d is ferocious and this guy screams potential. Might be a bit risky as hes inexperienced but definatly knows his defense.

Option 6:Dom Caper

I thought we might have hired him as our d-coordinator this year if he wasnt snatched up by the packers. Hes always been sucessful in that role and has head coaching experience. Defantly worth the look.


There are obviously alot of other options out there but these ones are absolutly interesting to me and should be to the broncos. I like mcdaniels i really do just not as a head coach with to much power. I think he is just better suited to be a coordinator like many other belechik castoffs.

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