Denver vs. KC: The No Bull Review and thoughts on the future

The season is now in the playoffs to play for and a team with some serious issues.  It feels like a weight is off my shoulders as now it is just a matter of pride and preparation for next season.  Let's see who wants to stay and who needs to go.  I'll give some thoughts on that after the jump as well as my review of the game....

  • On offense we did a good job sticking with the run since it was working so well.  I really have no other take because the team (mainly Orton) didn't execute in the passing game well at all.
  • I thought the defense played very well despite some very weak play calling from Wink.  We had the great CB blitz, but most of the game we played very soft and just let KC make mistakes.  That works against KC, but other teams would have easily put 30 on us playing like that.


  • The run game was fantastic...this game is a preview of the kind of running attack we should be able to muster with Knowshon next season. The line opened up holes and he attacked them making people miss left and right.  I love me some Knowshon Moreno and you should too.
  • Orton stunk.  Unless we build the Great Wall of China to protect him, he takes too many sacks and looks like he has taken a couple steps back this game.  Where did the excellent decision making go?  Why was he not making reads?  Go back and watch if you can...he typically locked on to one read...two at max on the same side of the field.
    • Lloyd is not your only option dude
    • Speaking of that, this offense works best when you spread the ball around and keep the defense on their heels
    • We have this spectacular play maker named Eddie may want to get the ball in his hands more (maybe this should be pointed at the play calling?)
    • I like you dude, but you aren't a long-term solution for this team
  • If Decker catches so well over the middle why didn't we go to him more?


  • Bailey looked really felt to me he was auditioning for someone else though.  I'd love to see him stay, but I really get the feeling he is headed elsewhere and I'm not sure that isn't a good thing for the team moving forward.
  • Mays has the potential to be 1/2 of the solution to our ILB weakness.  Now we need to replace DJ in my opinion.
  • Cox looked decent.  I think going into next season he needs to stay as a starter to work out the kinks in his game.
  • Bruton was playing fantastic safety yesterday...that is very encouraging for our team.  Unfortunately I think after this season Dawkins will be done here.
  • Banan is the most impressive D-Lineman we have playing.  He's worth every penny of his contract and I am amped that we got him to join us.
  • I really get what people have been talking about with our lacks from quality of players all around.  We don't need one or two guys (though I could argue Doom would make a large impact on our defense), we need upgrades in multiple places because of lack of talent and age.

Special Teams

  • Royal looked like he seriously biffed on fielding that last punt, but I would be curious to know if any of you were there if it was windy at all...maybe the wind pushed it off its trajectory?  Eddie usually doesn't misjudge his position on was bizzarre.


  • The refs really sucked it this game...their "in the grasp" call was completely bogus costing us 8 yards and a down
  • The season is over.  Count me as one of the people in the "Time to start Tebow" camp now.  We need to see if he has the potential to start next season cause I'm not comfortable with Orton being the starter.
  • My off season dream looks something like this so far: 
      • Tebow plays well to end the season and is the starter coming into next year
      • Orton stays with the team as our back-up QB and signs a 3 year extension
      • We get a shifty speedy back to compliment Knowshon going into next season (we have Lendale White as our bruiser if he can stay healthy)
      • Bailey signs a 4 year deal to stay with us and moves to free safety
      • DJ gets dropped

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