As If We Needed More Reasons to Despise the Chiefs

As a Broncos fan, stranded in Kansas City, I have perennially endured the opposing fan harassment at Arrowhead Stadium. Just as any organization and fandom would do, it is their job to point out why their team is better than yours, and to ignore the evidence that proves otherwise.

It's fun to promote rivalry and to prod the opponents.... but I felt that the Kansas City Chiefs organization went about 100 steps past civility yesterday, when they impersonated Barrel Man on the anniversary of his death, and had their mascot drop kick him, to the laughing and amusement of tens of thousands of blood-thirsty fans.

I have been a reader, and occasional commenter here at MHR for about 2 years now. I haven't had a good reason to write a FanPost until today. KC Wolf does this bit before every Chiefs home game. They run out two fans dressed in the opposing team's jerseys. Then KC Wolf comes out on a 4 wheeler, and mock fights them. It's cute, though it serves no real purpose, except to make any opposing fans in attendance feel uncomfortable.

This year, however, when I saw the "broncos fans" come out of the tunnel, I was floored to see that the Chiefs would stoop so far as to depict one of the Broncos beloved fans, who departed recently, and literally kick him while he was down. It was not until today that I realized this took place exactly on the 1 year anniversary of his death. It was in very poor taste, and the timing could not be more despicable.

I have sent an email to someone in the Chiefs organization asking for an explanation, though I'm not sure what answer to expect. At the very least I wanted to let the readers here at MHR know about this, as I thought it was important. Please comment below if you were at the game, and noticed this event, or if you find it as distasteful as I did.

But most of all, I certainly hope the Broncos would never run out someone dressed as Derrick Thomas, and drop kick him in from of 70,000 screaming fans. Even after this loss, I'm glad I'm not a Chiefs fan.


**** UPDATE ****

Here is the response that I received from the KC Media and Marketing VP... at least they are going to retire the Barrel.

We had no idea that barrel man had passed away. Not our intentions in the least. I think I speak for my whole crew when I say this. Please pass along this email and note that the barrel is officially retired in light of the information. 

Our apologies. 
Robert Alberino 
Vice President, Media and Marketing 
Kansas City Chiefs

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