Interesting Coaching Idea and Future!!!!

Wow , I didn't see McDaniels getting blown out on a Monday.  I thought he might make it til the end of the year or another year but I have to admit that McDaniels brought alot more negatives to The Broncos than Positives. 

Here's a look at my solution.

1.    Hire John Elway in a Executive/GM/Director of Personnel Role.   Elway would have a ton of influence on the player personnel that The Broncos select.


2.    Hire Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach.   Jim has NFL experience and has done a great job at Stanford.  His brother John has been great at Baltimore and John should be a excellent HC.


3.    Hire Wade Phillips to be the Defensive Cordinator.  Phillips like McDaniels should be a Cordinator not Head Coach.  Phillips has always been a very good DC.


Further moves in 2011

Free Agents signed

1.       Barry Cofield - DT - NY Giants - 6'4" 305lbs - Would be a great addition at DE or NT.


2.       Logan Mankins - Guard - New England - 6'5" 318lbs - Did you see Mankins nasty play against the Jets???



Denver resigns Champ Bailey to a 4 year contract.

2011 NFL Draft - Denver currently Drafts 6th

Here comes another shocker - Listening to John Elway on 87.7 Denver.  Elway said that Andrew Luck is one of the most NFL ready QB's he has ever seen.  He says that Luck has all the tools to be a Elite QB.  I think that with Jim Harbaugh and John Elway both enamored with Luck that Denver does everything it can to move up to the 1st pick in the draft and selects Andrew Luck.

Prior to the NFL Draft - The Denver Broncos Trade - Tim Tebow to Jacksonville for a 2nd Round Pick.

1st Pick in the NFL Draft -  The Denver Broncos trade it's 1st(6th) , 2nd(via Jacksonville) and Kyle Orton to Carolina for the 1st Pick. 

 Denver then Drafts QB - Stanford - Andrew Luck - 6'4" 230lbsLuck already knows Jim Harbaugh's Offense and will be ready to start from Day 1.


2nd Round Pick ----------------------------------------------------------     Quinton Carter - Safety - Oklahoma - 6'0" 200lbs - Carter can play both FS and SS and is a EXCELLENT Player.


2nd Round Pick(via Miami)-------------------------------------------      Phil Taylor - NT - Baylor - 6'4" 340lbs - Denver drafts this huge NT who had better production that BJ Raji or Terrence Cody in the senior years.


3rd Round Pick*******TRADE********   Denver trade's it's 3rd Round Pick for 2 - 4th round Pick

4th Round Pick -----------------------------------------------------------    Casey Matthews - LB - Oregon - Denver drafts Clay's brother who will add much need youth and talent to the LB core.


4th Round PIck -----------------------------------------------------------    Owen Marecic - LB / FB -   Denver drafts this excellent FB who will be a great additon to the team.


6th Round Pick -----------------------------------------------------------     Eric Hagg - SS - Nebraska - Denver continues to draft Defensive Players.


6th Round Pick(via New England)-----------------------------------     Allen Bradford - RB - USC - Denver drafts another RB with Buckhalter gone.


7th Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------     Wesyle Saunders - TE - South Carolina - Denver drafts this big TE late.



Final thoughts

1.     Both John Elway and a NFL SCOUT both say that Andrew Luck is a ELITE NFL QB PROSPECT.  Denver starts over but think Matt Ryan , Joe Flacco , Sam Bradford with Luck having more upside than any of them.

2.    By signing Cofield and Mankins Denver improves on both the Offensive Line and Defensive Line.

3.    Denver finally has a GM with some personnel input not just a Head Coach.

4.    By signing Jim Harbaugh and drafting Andrew Luck Denver wouldn't have to have a QB learn a completely new system.  Luck would be ready to go from day 1.


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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