Why a New Coach Would Want to Come to Denver


Sooo…this is a flame…so you prolly should just skip this post..or get John to delete it.  And the good guys should prolly skip it to.  And John...i am way sorry...i know you don't like flames...cuz this isn't the DP.  But i just can't help it.  It is okay to delete this.

i just wanna say I am totally clueless about football.  And…i started watching it cuz of bf…and i found MHR and learned some stuff so i could understand him.  And…omg…sometimes i totally amaze him…cuz i can do the suzy talking doll thingie and repeat words i hear here.  And…just so you know…i totally never played football (cept maybe some touch football with bf and his friends J).  

 Anyway…like i am totally unhappy with what has happened…its no fun being hooked up with a looser…and i am and its way not a happy time.  i am unhappy with Mr Bowlen...with Jedi...with the team...with the haters...with the "fans".  Anyway…i feel better…now.  So…now the reason for the posting

All you guys talk about some guy coming to coach…or a different guy coming.  Like i would have a clue about who you are talking about…and how good they might do.  You guys all make it sound so wonderful…that everything will be happy again…and you just know what they have to do…and who they should keep…and who should be gone.  Guess what...most of the teams will be thinking about new coaches the end of this year...and next year...and the year after...and forever...and when they hire some guy they always think they are gonna score

 But…i gotta say…i wonder why someone would want to come to Denver.  So…i made a list.  i put the good stuff first…and the bad stuff second.  And…just so you know…this is only what a football ditz sees...not like an expert or anything.

Good Stuff:

(1)    The NFL only has 32 HC positions…Denver is one of them.  Sort of like even Oakland and Buffalo can get guys to come coach there team.

(2)    Plays in the AFC West…one of the weakest divisions in all of football…only need to build a team that can always get 8 wins and you might get lucky and win a division and be able to host at least one game.

(3)    Maybe Bowlen gets sick of all this and sells the Broncos to some guys with tons of money.  Maybe one of the rich foreigners.

(4)    Maybe the Broncos move to LA.

Bad Stuff:


(1)    Fan base that says it loves the Broncos…but mostly as a way short ADHD type disorder that makes teenage boys seem like grown-ups – deeply split: One third tied to the team no matter what, one third hating everything that is done because they hate there lives and the Broncos are gonna pay for it;  one third fair weather fans that like it when Denver is in the playoff hunt and want to be part of the band wagon

(2)    Little Market – so far away from the big city and out of the limelight, like New York and Dallas and stuff…who knows…maybe someone buys the Broncos and moves them to LA (so that would be a Plus)

(3)    Owner desperate to make his final mark – but making lots of mistakes.  Mr Bowlen likes being important in the NFL…and with a little market you get that by being a team that might win the Super Bowl and makes lots of money for the League.  Well…he is a laughing stock now…let his first big success coach have everything he wanted…and one two super bowls…and then turned his team into a country club where every bad guy in the league who could do a girl or slap one around could get one more chance in Denver.  And…so he learned his lesson…and wanted to change all of that and hired a newbe who got everything he wanted…and then did some bad things with cheating…and then did the worst thing of all…he couldnt win against weak teams…or win the division…and couldn’t find a way to win even 8 games this year

(4)    Too many quarterbacks – All are good guys…all have talent…all of them are going to have to learn a new system…again.  And…no matter who you pick…they won’t be John Elway…and the fans are never going to be happy…no matter what the haters say…see the first point.

(5)    Miserable defense…lots of money tied up with old defensive backs and an LB who just isn’t very good when he is needed…and a LB that is too small and hurt and is never going to be the same when he comes back…and an LB that is supposed to do sacks and can’t…and a defensive line that doesn’t work.

(6)    Offense that no one else understands and won’t be able to make it work and has guys the new coach won’t want and will start over.  Someone said Jedi owns all the books…so…we cant even use the old system…we gotta start over…and over…and over.

(7)    A bunch of fans who will not even give the next coach a chance because when he starts cutting players and drafting players and stuff…they are going to tear into him…and if he looses even one pre-season game will be out on the ledge…and if they don’t have a perfect season...omg.  The fans are like drooly teenage boys who dont wanna wait to the second date

All this time i listened to everone here…guess i did the koolaid thingie…and wanted to believe…and did believe…and…and now part of me is just sooooo mad at the guys who wanted everything to fail…cuz you all think everythings gonna suddenly be wonderful and with a new coach we will be winning everything and be in the super bowl next year…course the lockout thingie changes all that.  And guess what…the same names that so totally hated Jedi and Orton will pick right up and do it again...i bet.  We all know the names…and just wait...before you know it there they will be.

And the best part about this post?  Since everyone else is posting...this one will just disappear in totally record time.  It won't make any difference...but i feel better.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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