Humility, Closing the door on McDaniels and the Irony Police

Just last Friday, I posted a poll on MHR to get the feel from the users of this site on the status of McDaniels’ job. The question was straight-forward: “Do you think Coach McDaniels should be fired right now?” (the last part of the question is key – more on that later when the Irony Police enter).

I closed the poll just before game time, Sunday, so as not to see the numbers swing one way or the other depending on the emotional content of the game. Of the 350+ who cast votes, 67% answered “no (McDaniels should not be fired)” with 23% saying "yes" and 9% marking "not sure". This was partially a test on my part, to see if MHR was, indeed, the outlier I perceived it to be as anywhere else I seemed to turn, the drumbeat for McDaniels head was increasing frenetically.

In full disclosure, had I personally answered the question I would have said “no” as well. I say that so that no one thinks I’m here to say “See!” in the aftermath of McDaniels firing or anything like it. I did not predict he would or should be fired. I actually didn’t want him to be fired. I simply asked a specific question. I do my best, generally, to assume nothing, knowing that I empirically “know” very little. I have opinions, like everyone else, but I realize they are mine and I do my best to not pass them off otherwise.

I put up a follow-up post (yesterday) just hours before McDaniels firing. I wanted to add context to what I had written and the results. I also noted that some people had misread and/or misunderstood what I wrote in regard to not asking for comments or debates on the question itself. From that, an apparently disgruntled poster told me my “pole” (sic) was flawed; he said next time I should make it “smarter and more realistic”, to incorporate his opinion which was not listed in the poll.

Enter the Irony Police: the “unrealistic” happens – McDaniels is fired a few hours later. I can’t speak to the intelligence (or lack) of the original post and poll, but I think they speak for themselves and I do proudly stand behind them.

I’m not here to blast this one poster. He is who he is and this is but an example made for a few specific points:

1) This is not the Denver Post, ESPN or other board/comment section and I believe those who are here are glad for it. Said another way, the ground rules and mods are here for a reason. There are loads of other places to rip people personally, curse up a storm and scream like a banshee in all caps if you don’t like the rules here.

2) No one’s opinion is fact. The manner in which you present your opinion matters. I don’t mean to say every opinion needs “in my opinion” next to it, but there are numerous other ways to qualify one’s comments (e.g.: “it seems to me…”, “from what I see…”, “in my experience…” – just to name a few).

3) Everyone’s opinion is valid and should be respected (even if disagreed with). One way to offer respect if you are just feeling too emotional is to simply ignore the comment that angered you.

4) Personal attacks and bullying are childish. We’re better than that.

It is a new day and a new era for all Broncos fans. I ask that we renew our efforts to grow this community at MHR positively with respect for all. For better or worse, McDaniels and all the drama that surrounded his tenure is gone (save for the residual effect…which leaves lots of opportunities). There’s been sharp polarization here for some time. But I do believe we all want the same things; we all bleed orange; we all want to feel great again about this team we’re so insanely passionate about and we just want some (final shout out to McDaniels) “MF’n” wins.

Happy Holidays and GO BRONCOS!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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