Too bad all those 15 Jerseys will need a name change....

I wrote an earlier post that posed the question that Tim Tebow perhaps the greatest college player will never get a shot in Denver.  I think it would be tragic if that happens; however, it looks more and more like that will be the case.  I posted this just after the Mc Daniels firing and it got very little play.  Several posters even implied that I was stupid. So today I hear Joel Klatt say that now that McDaniels is gone we will never have to watch the Tebow fiasco.  Everyone said just watch the press conference  they will announce that Tebow will start but alas I was correct Orten to play.

Why do I think this is so important while I was watching NFL high lites this morning  there were about 23 Touch Down plays shown that involved passing and I couldn't help but notice that the pass was the easy part. Why?  Because all of the plays were made by the QB's escaping trouble once he did the receiver was wide open and the pass was the easy part. If you think McDaniels was a mistake just watch one of the greatest play makers ever walk out of Dove valley never afforded the opportunity to fire live  bullets and fill an entire state with passion not seen since the deity #7.

I am attacking this again since the fans had the power to get McDaniels fired perhaps they can get Tim Tebow a chance.  I have also included an article from Jason Cole of Yahoo sports supporting my take. Please Broncos do not let this happen.  Tebow may be a bust, if so let's find out now. The time argument is  BS all I need to say is Flacco, Ryan, Bradford, McCoy Stafford, Freeman ect.



Josh McDaniels’ stay in Denver was short. Tim Tebow’s(notes) might be shorter.


The rookie quarterback could get caught up in the ripple effect of the Broncos’ firing of McDaniels, who was let go Monday after less than two full seasons. The Broncos are likely going to try to get off the hook for the remainder of McDaniels’ contract, using the Spygate II incident as justification that McDaniels could be fired for cause.Sadly, this was all predictable, and the move calls into question whether team owner Pat Bowlen has a good feel for what should be done next to restore the 3-9 Broncos to competency after their run of 5-17 over the past 22 games. It was only last week that Bowlen first said he wasn’t looking to fire McDaniels, then issued a statement hours later retracting that.

[Rewind: Broncos fire McDaniels]

Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow has 12 rushes for 28 yards and three touchdowns.
(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

What may be just as predictable is that Tebow’s career may be over before he gets a real chance. Or as one NFC general manager put it recently: “The thing that’s tricky [about firing McDaniels] is what happens with Tebow. This is a league where at least 75 percent of the coaches and personnel people are not Tebow-ites.”

Whomever Bowlen turns to next as coach is likely to look at Tebow and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” McDaniels’ unwillingness to turn to Tebow as this season unraveled will probably be viewed as an indictment on the first-round draft pick.

The bottom line is that Tebow is an acquired taste who needs a coach who believes in him and is willing to work on his throwing motion until it has completely changed. Even then, there are significant questions about Tebow’s accuracy.

Outside of University of Florida coach Urban Meyer, who looks lost these days without Tebow (and Percy Harvin(notes), for that matter), few coaches are invested in Tebow. Of course, some of Tebow’s devout followers will take this as a personal and spiritual affront. Save it, please. This is not about religion, this is about football.


As an athlete, few come close to Tebow’s dedication. He’s the kind of player anyone should appreciate. His work ethic is off the charts. His size and speed are certainly good enough to give him a fighting chance. But Tebow also needed a coach who was willing to work through the flaws, to design an offense around him, not just with any quarterback.

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