Predominately Blue...

Though many many fans are happy with the firing of Josh McDaniels, I'm predominately blue because of opportunities lost.  The spotlight is now placed squarely on an owner I like and appreciate, Pat Bowlen.  Nevertheless, he has made some gross errors and progress requires that he and we begin to understand them.

So to begin.

Let's start with calling things what they are.  

Our predominately orange uniforms are mostly dark blue. 

Our stadium that was built to be predominately loud, was actually built to muzzle the fans.  Fans at old Mile High knew they could change the outcome, and for a time with average talent we won almost all our games at home and barely won any games away.

The fans made the Broncos.

I think Invesco Stadium sponsored by Mile High field or whatever the name of it is, I think it was built for taking naps.  It will more likely inspire a man to take up knitting and occasionally watch a game than ito become the Barrel Man.

It was a Mile High mistake and no amount of enthusiastic young coaching can make up for it.

Speaking of young coaches.

I think that if you have a great older coach that can't handle GM responsibilities and head coaching what makes us think it's a good idea for a 32 year old coach?

I think in an age of whine baby fans like myself you absolutely have to separate HC responsibilities from GM responsibilities.

Then when the fans begin to eat their young at least two men can share in being savaged.

I think we see that it works well in San Diego.

Norv and Smith take turns in being savaged by the fans while they win the division every year.

I think that really I've never seen so much on an HC in my life.  Some of it self induced but most of it would not have happened with a GM.

Which makes me wonder what I think of Joe Ellis.  I think he had plenty of time to see some of these problems and adapt, but he didn't.  I wonder what he was doing?

I think one of the roles of a COO is to coach the coach.  When losing starts, coaches...all of them begin to forget that the game is supposed to be fun.  They get knocked off track.  I think this would be a role that John Elway could play.  I'm sure I must be wrong, but it feels like Joe Ellis was mostly a superfan who got paid alot of money to watch Josh McDaniels take all the blame.  One of his main jobs as COO for a pro football team is to take care of his coach.  And I don't think he did it.  In all of this I wonder if he had the least to do and made the most errors.

If I could go back in time, I would fire Joe Ellis, hire John Elway and do what was obvious, distribute the work load.

So much for what I think, what do you think?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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