Broncos vs. Fans - What gives?

As my name suggests, I am a Dolphin fan first but I love the Broncos. Also, as the name would suggest, I am a huge Florida Gator fan and a was/am a Tebow fan. I think these are important to get out of the way first and note that I was a Bronco fan WAY before Timmy got there although I was ecstatic he ended up a Bronco. Ok, now that that is out of the way...

I feel like the Broncos refuse to listen to the fans right now and it makes no sense. There are plenty of situations teams find themselves in where you can't, and shouldn't, listen to fans when issues arise. If organizations always listened to fans we would have new starting quarterbacks and coaches for nearly every team on a seemingly weekly basis. The Broncos are not in one of those situations though and they (Pat Bowlen, the front office, whomever) needs to get off their high horse (hehe... get it?) and listen. In fact, I can't remember being so frustrated with the stubbornness of an NFL front office as I am with the current Denver Broncos.

I cannot for the life of me come up with a reason NOT to start Tim Tebow the remainder of the year. There is simply no downside.  Throughout the year the team has struggled to score points, perform in the redzone, or even convert third downs, and their first round draft pick sits on the sidelines even during blowouts (either way). Now the team stands at 3-9, have been eliminated from playoff contention, is without a permanent head coach, and you still won't play him? Really? Because Kyle Orton gives you the best chance to win now? What about in the nine games they lost? You know what, never mind that previous statement. Kyle Orton DOES give the Broncos the best chance to win football games this year. So who cares? Anyone with their hand in the air? Anyone here care if the Broncos go 5-11 over 3-13? In fact a sinical man would say that that would actually be worse for the team. No one wants to TRY and lose but at this point the higher draft pick would be nice ESPESCIALLY if the Broncos need/want to go with a QB in the draft. Someone pitch me the downside to playing Tebow now. Someone tell me, what someone told the front and coaching staff, of the Broncos that convinced them that there is an upside to not playing Tebow.

Either he plays well and you find out you don't need to draft a new QB in a few months or doesn't and you trade/cut/leave him as backup and go after one of the talented QBs coming out of college this year or sign Kyle to a longer term deal if you believe he is your guy (because garbage stats and no results when it matters obviously equals franchise QB). There would be no more embarrassment if Tebow failed. They already got rid of the guy that drafted him and admitted they gave him too much power so they could just chalk a failed Tebow up to that and move on. That's the worst that could happen.

And I'm sick of the argument about not wanting to hurt Kyle Orton. For God's sake he is a professional. I think that he has had plenty of time to pad his stats (while NOT winning) to get some trade value and if the Broncos were really that high on their future with the King of Mediocrity then they would of signed him to a deal by now. Not to mention we don't know how Orton will fare without McD calling his shots. If they clean house next year. And, if they are waiting to see how Tebow is before they sign Orton to a better deal THEN PUT THE KID IN and see how he does so you know. If he is bad then sign your boy up for a 5 year deal. No harm done and we can all look at Sir Scruffness light it up between the 20s for years to come. Happy Day. 

I think I have covered all the NO "reasons not to play Tim" in this trying to work and and write this at the same time tirade. If I haven't, please comment with more. Now onto the non-field part.

Fans are angry and many are losing will and interest. The Bronocs are witnessing an attendance drop at home not seen in MANY years and lack of interest on the road. Tell me playing Tebow wouldn't put cheeks in seats. I honestly think at this point even the Stingers of the world (most of you probably won't get that) and Tebow haters want to see him play just at the chance they can tell all of us Tebow supporters "I told you so". Almost everyone wants to see what he can do whether it be good or bad. If he is good we are happy, if he is bad we get another reason to be thankful McDaniels is gone and we move on to the next guy whomever it may be. While the on-field reasons to play him win out in my football mind the off-field reasons hold even more water. In a business driven by revenue how in God's name is Tebow not on the field when there is nothing else to play for. HOW? People literally watch the game just to see if they get to see him play. JUST WAITING FOR A PLAY. People travel just at the hope they might get to see him play. At this point where the only positives that could come out this year are the chance to find out if you have found "the Savior of Denver" and a good end of the year profit, how can this team let Tim sit on the sidelines the majority of the next four games? All I know is, if I am the Broncos' PR guru, I am screaming in frustration right now.

/end rant

Pick it apart people! Tell me how I am wrong please! And, please forgive and give me some slack on spelling and grammar, I wrote this over a period of four hours while working. Thanks! Go Broncos!!! Unless your playing the Dolphins :)

 - Ryan G.

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