The problems with a new QB

I commented on an earlier post regarding this but felt it deserved a post of its own.

I also had some additional thoughts. I am against drafting a QB with our top pick, but am going to play devils advocate for a moment. Let's say we draft Colt McCoy with the 10th pick (or Tebow or Bradford whatever), Taking a QB that high assumes that this player will be a starter within the first few years. So now we have this quarterback to develop and be ready to start within a year. So next year, we re-sign Orton, draft this QB and give Orton a year for this new QB to learn behind, and understand the offense.

Kyle Orton's QB ratings over his career are as follows: 2005 (59.8) 2007 (73.9) 2008 (79.6) 2009 (86.8).

Continual improvement with a Huge jump when he got to Denver in an offense where they actually allow him to throw the ball. He had some amazing games (134.7 @ washington) and some terrible games (43.9 against Pittsburgh) all with a new Offense, new recievers, new O-line, and a new set of HB's.

Let's say (as I believe) that Orton has a great year next year, and continues to improve as he has thus far in his career. Something like QB rating 95, 4200 yds, 25 TD's and 10 INT's and takes us to the AFC Championship. (for arguments sake lets say that happens).

Now What? We have a QB in Orton who would be arguably a top 5-10 QB in the NFL, who runs the offense well and is virtually mistake free. We have a highly paid second year player in Colt McCoy behind him, and now were at a crossroads. How could you ditch a QB who had a stellar year?  You won't get the trade value McCoy is worth as he hasn't played. So what do we do? Trade one? if so then Which one?

Thats the biggest problem I see with drafting a QB, because last year Orton really started clicking in the Washington game. He had 193 and 2 TD's in the first half, with a rating of 134.7. He injured his ankle rihgt before half time on his way to a season high, career high day. From that point forward he lost his mobility, injuries to the line hurt his protection, and it was difficult to have time to throw. I think without that injury we would have made the play-offs. Even with the injury he posted QB ratings averaging 82 and that includes the terrible games he played at San Diego (second half while injured) and the bad game in KC to end the season.

Well I have shared my Opinion, what do you guys think.  BTW Brady's Rating in 2009 for the season was only 96.2.

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