RiG's MOCK Offseason !!

Team Needs

More Resiliency- players to respond better to unfavorable circumstances, consistency and inspiring/captavative leadership

Spark- One of the biggest needs I feel is 'spark'.  What I'm calling for play-making ability or the ability to create a play from nothing.  Kick start a drive, some emotion in our team.  They only problem I have with Orton is the lack of spark.  He can barley run and consistently 'sacks himself'.  I'm not advocating a change of qb, just observing.  He does make good decisions and throws and is great for what we are doing.

depth- well we need depth at certain positions, like CB, OL




Trade Tony Scheffler and a 4th  to Browns for Josh Cribbs and a future 6th






sign Orton

tender and keep Marshall

sign Prater

tender Kuper for a third and don't match offer -receive a third from Green Bay pick 86



Rex Hadnot, Cleveland Browns (28) 320



Scouting Report
  • An instinctive reactor, he has the athleticism and strength to run forward to create room on running plays. A very solid and versatile anchor.
  • Could be a much better pass protector. Doesn't read blitzes at all and can't seem to adjust on audibles. Can wear down at times.
Career Potential
  • Above-average starter.
by Fantasy Sports Services

Hadnot is a backup guard for the Browns.  Who have a very good line.  If we offer him a chance to start I believe he will take it, rather than sit behind the starters in Cleveland (steinbach and fraley).

sign to a 3 year 9 million dollar deal



Chester Pitts, Houston Texans (31) 321



Scouting Report
  • Excellent size and very quick feet. Quick off the ball and tenacious. Plays with good leverage and has become smarter in pass protection. Is hard to move around.
  • Lacks solid technique. Doesn't always play to his size because he doesn't get low when he blocks. Can be beaten to the inside.
Career Potential
  • Adequate starter.
by Fantasy Sports Services

A little under the radar because he was injured last year.  The Texans have a lot of UFAs this year and young upcoming guards on their team so it seems likely Pitts will be out there in free agency.

sign to a 4 year 15 million dollar deal



Ken Lucas, Seattle Seahawks (31)




Scouting Report
  • Solid, well built and reliable. Jams well and covers short zones well in two-deep coverage. Has sound technique and doesn't make foolish mistakes.
  • Can be outrun by speedsters. Doesn't cut as smoothly as a top corner. Inconsistent run defender who misses some tackles. Has lost a step in picking off passes.
Career Potential
  • Solid starter.
by Fantasy Sports Services

Not a starter in Seattle but still good for nickel or dime packages

sign to a 4 year 11 million dollar deal



Travis Kirschke, Pittsburgh Steelers (35) 6'3" 300



Scouting Report
  • A very experienced lineman that doesn't make many mistakes. Has good initial first step and is solid on his feet. Can generate some quarterback hurries and get the occasional sack.
  • Doesn't have the footwork of a pass-rusher. Isn't a pure tackler. Doesn't explode off the line or have the shifty moves to fool opposition.
Career Potential
  • Valuable backup lineman / reliable starter.
by Fantasy Sports Services

Good value as a rotating player on our team

sign to a 4 year 10 million dollar deal



Michael Koenen, Atlanta Falcons (28)



Scouting Report
  • Gives up almost nothing as a punter thanks to good placement and hangtime. Has a powerful leg, which helps him be very versatile if need be: he can handle place-kicking, punting, and kickoff duties.
  • Not reliable when forced into regular field-goal duties.
Career Potential
  • Quality punter.
by Fantasy Sports Services

I think He has potential to be a free agent on the market, he was franchised last year and the year before signed a one year contract.

Sign to a 2 year 6.5 million dollar deal


picks 10,45,80,173,204 -round 1,2,3,6,7


Pick 10 -round 1

Rolando McClain ILB 6'4" 260




Pick 45 -round 2

Maurkice Pouncey 6'5" 320 C



Pouncey is probably the most complete center to come out for the last few years. Good in both the run and pass games. Has been a key part of Tim Tebow's offensive line that led the QB to his many records. Does a good job of calling shifts on the line and rarely has an errant snap. Weaknesses Has very little experience of snapping to a QB under center since UF ran an exclusively shotgun offense. That should only be a minor issue though.




Pick 80 -round 3

Jon Jerry  6'6" 333 OG



Jerry is one of the most experienced offensive lineman in college football. A four-year starter at Ole Miss, Jerry started 12 games at right guard as a freshman, started nine games at right guard as a sophomore, started 13 games at right tackle as a junior, and as a senior he started four games each at both right guard and right tackle. In 2006 and 2007 he helped BenJarvus Green-Ellis eclipse the 1,000-yard mark and in 2008 the Rebels rushing attack ranked second in the SEC. Last season, Ole Miss racked up 2,387 on the ground, including 1,169 from Dexter McCluster and 614 from Brandon Bolden.

Jerry is a massive run-blocker at 6'6'' and 340 pounds. He has been clocked as fast as 5.32 in the 40-yard dash, but his lateral movement and quickness are not ideal; not surprising, though, for a man of his size. Still, Jerry is a versatile lineman, as he showed by playing both guard and tackle for Mississippi. He will have to play guard at the next level, but Jerry will be an ideal fit for any NFL team that wants to play smash-mouth football and run right up the gut behind its interior linemen.




Pick 86 -round 3

Tyson Alualu DE 291 6'2"


Gets moving quickly at the snap, shooting the gap with energy. Tends to play with good leverage and stacks up blockers at the point; sheds them in time to make the tackle. Moves well into the backfield. Has quick footwork and hands. Is intelligent. Reads screens and draw passes well.

However, lacks explosiveness. Average speed (5.10est) limits his pursuit ability; could be a bit inconsistent. Must learn to attack every play. Lacks pure, pass rushing skills. Must add bulk. Will have some trouble holding up at the point of attack against big NFL offensive linemen.

A 3-4 end with good upside, Alualu does not make jaw-dropping plays, but is strong and productive. He is unlikely to be drafted as high as he will probably be rated, but in time will prove to be a better NFL player than many of the more highly touted defensive tackles who will be drafted ahead of him.



Pick 163 round 6

Boo Robinson 6'1" 300 NT


Strengths Has very good athleticism for the position, and is one of only a very few DTs who, if he declares, can be drafted as a pure 3-4 NT. Has great size and can still go 20 pounds bigger if you need him at nose, or can be drafted as a 4-3 DT and stay at 300. Agile for such a big man. Caves the pocket. Must be double-teamed. Strong and very, very smart. Can outthink and outmanuever most offensive linemen. Sets them up, and then gets them on a counter move. Getting better and stronger every year. Has loads of upside.
Weaknesses Has some physical maturing to complete, and can still add some muscle. Has non-football options. Not a vibrant pass rusher at this point in his development. Can still use some leverage and technique work. Not a finisher on the pass rush yet.



Pick 204 - round 7

Seyi Ajirotutu 6'3" 210 WR


Overview Tall, strong, athletic WR who led Fresno State in receptions his junior and senior years. 2nd Team All-WAC.
Strengths Classic height/weight combination and physicality make him a threat to go up and win any contested pass. Uses physical size to dominate downfield as run blocker - made several key "TD blocks" for running backs over the season. Solid route running skills.
Weaknesses Will occassionally use body to catch and lacks elite speed to be consistent deep threat against NFL caliber DBs.





Austin Knowlin KR 5'10" WR


Strengths Blazer with legit deep speed as a receiver. Pretty quick as well. Can be deadly as a returner. Good character and will work hard. Smart. Sets up the d-back. Double moves. Runs well after the catch and makes people miss after the catch. Very strong for his size (320 max bench, 450 squat.)
Weaknesses Smallish. Far from a polished product as a receiver. Has not played in the pressure cooker environment of big games, big crowds, noise, or done it against elite DBs as a receiver. Needs route work. Hands are only slightly above average for a pro prospect.




So after this offseason I think we took care of the major concerns.  The interior line is stuffed, LB got an upgrade, We have a beast of a returner in Cribbs and have some quality late picks :).  

Looking back at my team needs (resilancy, spark, depth) I think I accomplished most of that.  Cribbs is a proven spark and also provides some depth.  But he can do the wildcat and all that, it open up a few things.  The two FA guards Hadnot and Pitts are good buys in my opinion. Pitts injured last year and Hadnot behind a good Browns line.  They will fight along with Jerry and Pouncey for the 3 job openings in camp.  Lucas adds some corner depth to add to the mix of Baily Goodman Smith Law? Carter, now 5-6 deep.  Koenen is the best punter option available during free agency we can get our hands on.  The Dline is beefed up with the additios of Boo Robinson, Alualu and Kirschke.  Seyi is a great WR under the radar playing at Fresno and Knowlin is a speedy, quick, smart, good charater, good visionsed reciever who can return


Go Broncos

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