9 predictions sure to go wrong...


I wanted to throw out some bold and not so bold predictions for the Broncos offseason that are sure to go wrong.  Feel free to add some of your own.  It might be fun to pull this thread back up in a few months to see how things turned out.

In no particular order:

The Broncos will not draft Bryant, McClain or Dan Williams with their first pick.  These guys are the favorites in ALL mock drafts.  Has McDaniels done anything conventional in the draft?

The first pick will be someone from the offensive or defensive line.  The lines are our biggest need and we grab a guy with great value at this pick.  I see an OT, DE or OLB who can rush the passer being the pick.

One Bronco will get in trouble with the law.  His name will not be Brandon Marshall.

Denver will not sign a FA from another team who will be a starter in week  1.  Most decent FA’s this year are restricted so it will take a trade to bring anyone over.  Denver does not have a lot of ammunition in the form of draft picks to make those moves.  Plus, I think we are looking at a year of very little spending.  We will bring in some depth, just don’t look for the Dawkins type signing from last year.

There is no way we bring in Hampton, Pickett, Wilfork, Peppers or Dansby.  Not going to spend the type of guaranteed money to make this happen.  It's fun to put them in our mock drafts and FA moves, but this isn't Madden 2010.

Brandon Marshall and Elvis Dumervil will be Broncos at the start of the season, but…

One of them will be gone before the beginning of the 2011 season.  Not sure if it happens during the season or after the season, but we trade one of those guys to a team who is "one player" away from being a Super Bowl contender.

McDaniels will move up in the draft at least once, probably for the 1st time in round two.  With round 1 on Thursday, the Broncos reevaluate the draft and find someone they rated fairly high has dropped into round 2.  Thinking he won’t be there when they pick, they trade up using a pick or player to do so.

Denver leaves the draft with more picks in next year’s draft than they currently own.   The Broncos want some ammunition for the draft next year to be able to select guys they covet.


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