Nostrabronco and the Worst Broncos Offseason Prediction

First the Back Story:

In 2006, the Seahawks responded to the Vikings' plundering of guard Steve Hutchinson with a poison-pilled seven-year, $49 million offer sheet by inking then-Vikings restricted free agent receiver Nate Burleson to a seven-year, $49 million offer sheet containing provisions that made it impossible (as a practical matter) for Minnesota to match it

The two contracts listed Steve Hutchinson and the retalitory Nate Burleson are the only contracts to my knowledge that have used the Poison Pill.  Since 2006 every team has had a treaty of sorts to prevent these things from occuring again.  However every year previous has also allowed teams the ability to sign UFA's who were-How do you really say it -well-Not Crappy.  Now with the CBA about to expire and 6 years of play required in a league that averages 3.  Nearly every player who can play is locked up.  With the Broncos premier players being a couple of those with out  the ability to jump ship this could look like a boon for our heros-Methinks something is amiss

I think the Broncos are in for a Perfect Storm-

Miami-Just Raided our D-Cordinator-Just Let go of one of their Rush Ends and their other is 47 year old Former Dance Runner up with a shoulder surgery.  Miami feels like they are a team in contention.  This bouyed by the recent play of their young QB.  To get Better they need to put Tom Brady on the ground.  Parcells is and always has been a veteran over Rookie coach.  They need a rush end.  There are no Sure things in the draft.  There is the leading Sack leader availible for meerly a 1,3.  Trust me this is a Pittance for a proven comidity.

Miami Poison Pills Elvis Dumervil.

Baltimore-This is a team who desperatly require a real Reciever.  Dante Stallworth has never been that he is a great other but is not a #1.  They also feel like they have the leadership to take on any player and make him straight.  Remember they attempted a trade for TO.  This is a team that is close Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis are waning.  To get it done they need to to it soon.  How?  They draft late- there are not any players availible that will walk in and make them markedly better.  Well there is one.  BM

Baltimore Poison Pills Brandon Marshall

While the Draftivus Nuts would love this scenario-This would be a deathblow to our team.  Draft picks pan out less than half the time even in the first round.  And even when they do they won't achieve the level of the guys leaving.  BM is the most talented broncos reciever Ever.  Elvis is the First Bronco to lead the League in Sacks.  You don't Replace that with Picks cant happen.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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