Mock Draft 12.0

Well with some new developments I want to put out another Mock Draft.   The first development or rumor by Peter King.  Peter King tweeted that Denver could get a trade done with Brandon Marshall for a 2nd Round Pick.   Let me be the 1st to say that I will PUKE if this happens.  Gil Brandt of doesn't think Brandon Marshall will get traded and I now don't want him to go anywhere.

With the release of Casey Wiegman Denver is going to have to address it's Center position ASAP.


Denver's Free Agents

1.     Kyle Orton - tendered 1 year 1st Round Pick.  Pays him approx - $3 million.  I think everyone would agree they want Orton to prove he is worthy of long term contract.

2.     Brandon Marsall - tendered 1st and 3rd and nobody trades for him.

3.     Elvis Dumervil  -  Signs a 5 year $35 million contract.

4.     Chris Kuper -  Signs a 4 year $15 million contract.

5.     Matt Praeter - Signs a 4 year $7 million contract.


Free Agent signed

1.     Kevin Mawae - signs a 1 year contract with a option for 2nd year.


2.     Dwan Edwards -     DE from Baltimore would be a great addition to Denver's Dline.


3.     Kevin Walter -    Tall WR who will take Stokley's spot.


4.     Bobbie Williams - Guard from Cincy signs 3 year deal.


5.     Darren Sproles - RB - signs a 5 year $ 25 million deal.




1.     Tony Scheffler is traded to Cincy for their 3rd Round Pick.



1st Round Pick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------     Trade - Denver trades this pick to NY Giants who draft Rolando McClain to play ILB.  Denver gets NY Giants 1st and 3rd.

1st Round Pick(#15 via NY)----------------------------------------------------------      Dan Williams - 6'2" 329lbs NT - Tennessee.    Denver must get BIGGER on the DLINE.  Dan Williams has a huge lower body and base and will probably grow into a Ryan Pickett = 6'2" 345lbs.


2nd Round Pick -----------------------------------------------------------------------     Matt Tennant - 6'4' 290LBS - Denver draft Tennant who will sit for 1 year and then start for Denver for the next decade on the Offensive Line.


3rd Round Pick ------------------------------------------------------------------------     Jared Veldheer - 6'7" 315lbs Tackle - Denver drafts this raw player like Sebastian Volmer from New England. 


 3rd Round Pick(via NY) -------------------------------------------------------------     Dezmon Briscoe - WR - Kansas - 6'3" 200lbs


3rd Round Pick(via Cincy) ------------------------------------------------------------  Amari Spievey - CB - Iowa - 6'0" 190lbs 


4th Round Pick --------------------------------------------------------------------------     Micah Johnson - ILB - 6'2" 252lbs Kentucky


6th Round Pick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------   John Skelton - QB - Fordham - 6'5" 245lbs  - Skelton has a Cannon but is going to need 2-3 years of coaching to be NFL ready.


7th Round Pick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Matt Dodge - Punter


Final Thoughts

1.     The addition of Kevin Mawae and Bobbie Williams fixes Denver's rushing attack and Matt Tennant will take over for Mawae next year.

2.     The addition of Darren Sproles who SD isn't going to Franchise would be HUGE.  He will improve Denver's Special Teams and pair with Moreno and Buckhalter.

3.     The addition of Dwan Edwards and Dan Williams will give Denver 2 Excellent Players for the Dline.

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