Another Pike's Peak in Colorado?

Zebulon Pike, you were first but now a second Pike may get some attraction.


With the certainty of a QB being chosen in the draft per Bowlen's recent comment, I have tried to figure out who this QB might be.


My answer: Tony Pike


I have no strong feeling about him either way, but from the sound of what he is and brings I believe he is the target of the Broncos in this draft. Analysis:


Pike has good character and has battled back from injuries. Has ideal height to scan the field and does a good job working through his progressions and reading coverages. Very accurate in the short, underneath passing game. Was very productive playing in a spread offense in college. Shows very good touch and feel.

Weaknesses: Lacks the necessary bulk to withstand a pounding at the next level. Has been injured and durability is a concern. Earned his living underneath in college and does not possess prototypical arm strength to drive the ball downfield on the deep out. Lacks the speed to pickup chunks of yardage with his feet. Overview:

Pike is a bit of a product of the system that has been in place with the Cincinnati Bearcats. He gets a lot of completions due to their dink and dunk passing attack that spreads the field out and relies primarily on their passing game to move the ball. He knows how to read coverages but will get stuck on his primary receiver at times rather than go to his second or third option. He is effective throwing from the pocket or when rolling to his right but will struggle when rolling left and having to throw back against the grain. He has struggled to stay healthy for a full season in college and will need to bulk up if he wants to survive the rigors of a full NFL season.



The part where he doesnt have the prototypical arm to throw the deep out may be concerning to some, but everything else about him screams McDaniels QB.

At 6'5" and a background in the spread offense, Pike seems to have the qualities needed for the McDaniels system.  In addition, by getting bigger on the O-line, we'll need a taller QB for better downfield vision (yes, Brees contrdicts that but...). has Pike going in the 2nd or 3rd round.  I would hope, if chosen, the Broncos had received extra picks in those rounds to fill other positions with starter-quality players.

Pike seems "gritty and gutty" like Orton but may possess more of the accuracy demands McDaniels needs.  Having nice touch and feel is also nice.  I have seen some wanting Mardy Gilyard to be picked by the Broncos too, so that instant chemistry may work well (granted, Milyard is expected to be a 2-3rd pick too).

Brandstater would be the #3 QB and rise to backup once 2011 rolls around.


In the end, if Pike is our QB from this draft, Colorado may have a second Pike to visit.

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