Amoeba style mock draft. Go with the flow.

Alright, so admittedly, I'm a poor draft guru. I don't follow much outside the first 3 rounds, especially with teams NOT named the Denver Broncos. However, as TJ and everyone's friend, Lebowski would say, certain things have come to light, man. Check out my highly amateur mock draft after the jump.

Alright, so let's get the hard things out of the way early. First off, Denver will place the franchise tender on Brandon Marshall, thus virtually eliminating the chances that they take Dez Bryant at 10/11. I know most people believe he's out the door by draft day, but I highly doubt anyone offers what Denver wants for Marshall right now. He did some good cleanup on his image this past season, but you can't polish a turd. So, with Marshall franchised (and uber pissed about it), Denver has some new draft options to play with.



New England and Denver are tightly wound together recently, McD and Camera Man Bill have a close relationship, which is good because the Broncos currently own the draft spot New England needs. With Wes Welker undoubtedly out for the start of the 2010 season, New England needs legit receiver help. Early expert analysis says New England is not likely to trade up, since they have a history of going the other way, but things are different now. With Welker out and Randy Moss getting tears in his beard about a new deal, there aren't many other options for receivers in Boston. New England will send Denver their first and their first pick in the second round. If you're keeping score, that puts Denver is possession of the 22nd overall pick, and the 42nd overall pick. 


Look, Mike Shanahan likes his guys, however he's not stupid on draft day. Shanny is going to reach like hell to get some of his talent back from Denver, and McD gladly obliges. Denver sends Tony Scheffler, Peyton Hillis and Jarvis Moss to Washington for a second round pick (37th overall). You think I'm crazy right? You think "No way in hell does that deal happen!" Believe me, Shanahan is kinda nuts on draft day, and he needs some people of his own in Washington to help get his business in order. Denver now has the 37th overall pick and is able to part ways with a mighty expensive bench warmer, a cry baby, and a cult favorite amongst the fans. Win!


So that puts Denver with quite a few picks, especially in the higher rounds where the second rounders this year were first round talent last year. No, Jack, there's no unnecessary reaches for backup cornerbacks here. Denver's new board looks a wee bit like this:

Round 1:

22nd overall

Round 2

37th overall

42nd overall

45th overall

Round 3:

80th overall


Ok, this is where I stop, because for one, I really don't know much about the last half of the draft, and I'm not going to act like I do.

Round 1: 22nd overall (from New England)

Mike Iupati (G, Idaho)

Round 2: 37th overall (from Washington)

Maurkice Pouncey (C, Florida)

42nd overall (from New England)

Tim Tebow (QB, Florida)

(I know, "Tebow is a bust!!" is going to ring clear in the comments, but with 3 picks in the high second, Denver has a chance to spend a pick and have plenty of room to play with here. Besides, by having a center that he's already comfortable with, it will help his transition into the pros)

45th overall 

Brandon Spikes (LB, Florida)

Round 3, 80th overall

Jacoby Ford (WR, Clemson)



Also, here's my secondary option, regarding Tebow. If they don't take Tebow at 42, they will take Colt McCoy.


So that's what I've got. I don't expect it to make much sense, and I definitely don't consider this a rec-worthy post, but I figured why not give it a shot. Oh, I and I understand that I've picked 3 Florida players in a row, but Urban Meyer puts out some serious talent in the Sun-Life State (see what I did there). 

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