Going Forward

Great to be here everyone, i'm new to the site, I've always read it but this is the first and hopefully not the last. I, like everyone on this site bleed orange and blue and was here when they we winning back to back and will be here if they are 0-16.

              I wanted to give a couple opinions and points of view and see how you feel about them and see what you say.                                                      



   Orton will (like it or not) be our quarterback for the next year and a half. He IS accurate and is a great leader and team player. Mike Shanny used to say that it takes a full 3 years for a quarterback to get into his prime in a system. I am not a Orton lover nor am i a Orton hater. He did relativelywell in what some would say is the hardest system in the league to learn. I'm interested to see him in his second year. He's not going to win us a game but he's not going to lose us a game.

Tom Brandstater: I honestly believe in the guy. McD has said they have high hopes for him. Since this is the Denver Patriots, (draft a tall smart Quarterback  late and sit em' for years. I expect Tom to sit another year and slowly work and compete for either a solid 2nd stringer or possibly a starter.

3rd string: Simms needs to go. I believe we will look at a tall smart quarterback in the draft. I would love to snatch up McCoy. He's not tall but extremely smart and accurate.



Running Back:

Knowshon: Showed glimpses of special talent last year, he moves like LT but does not have the smarts YET. He was backing up Buck, and this year i see the 2 switching roles. Knowshon will have around 800 yards this coming season.

Buck: Showed he can be a huge yards gainer when it counts. But I didn't see him be as consistant as we would've liked down the stretch of the season.

Arrington: I see him as a guy who can get in the end zone. But when he's not in the red zone i gotta believe the touches will go to Buck and Knowshon.

Hillis: Finally our favorite Bronco, i really think McD sees what he has in him and is why he let Jordan go. I see Hillis staying here and not going to Washington like i keep hearing.

Larson: I see him moving to JUST a Linebacker.

Draft: I like LeGarett Blount, he would've been a 1st rounder had he not blind sided a guy.


Offensive Line:

Clady is here and set for the nect 8 years.

Harris is tiny bit undersized for McD's new running system, so i look for him to add 15 or so lbs.

I see the rest of the tackles as a huge need. Hadnot would've been nice.

Hochstien i believe will be a starter.

Olsen as well.

I don't trust Polumbus

Draft: Lupati or Pouncey (1st or 2nd Round) as well as depth in the later rounds.



Marshall: 2nd best Wide Out in the league after Andre Johnson. I DO NOT see Seattle giving up their 6th pick for Brandon, and the Broncos will not except the 14th. So Brandon will be back next year.

Royal: I expect him to take Stokely's touches in the slot, I don't expect him to be returning punts and or kickoffs as much as last year. New Wes Welker anyone?

Gaffney: Kinda reminds me of that one guy that used to be here #80, i forget his name...Ha ha Just like Rod, he's smart with great hands and a great work ethic.

Lloyd: I love tall receivers with great hands, especially when they climb the ladder to get the ball against Corners. Hopefully we get to see more of him, especially since we just signed him to an extension.

McKinley: I think i spelled it wrong which goes to show how much he contributed, maybe he can take over the kick returns.

Draft: Late rounds will be spent here.


Tight Ends:

Daniel Graham: has the best job security on the team. Solid player and catcher and great blocker. Ties to New England, Denver, and CU haha.

Tony Scheffer: Sadly doesn't fit the system, a lil too small I think Chicago and or Washington looks at him for a 3rd or 4th rounder.

Quinn: Ehhthe guy hasn't shown me too much but will get more time with the loss of Scheffler


Defensive Line

Nose Tackles:

Jamal Williams: is this year's Brian Dawkins, some leadership, team player, hard worker, something to prove, it also doesn't hurt that the man has 3 All Pro Years. If anything he helps our Linebackers get into the backfield. I don't see him loosing a step. I loved this pick up in free agency.

Justin Bannan: Is a small step down from Jamal but with the two of them rotating in and out it should keep both big boys fresh for the 2nd half of the season.

Ronald Fields: Lost a little bit of his standings when Nolan left but a solid back up and interesting to see if they rotate him in and off the line.

Chris Baker: I like him and i see him jumping in when Fields wears out his welcome.

Draft: No need to look at this position until maybe the 3rd round.


Defensive Ends:

Vonnie Holliday: I loved what he brought to the team last year. He came through when we needed someone to get chased out of the pocket and or we needed a fumble/sack. Big play maker. Very under-rated, i DO believe he will look at other teams now that we have Green.

Doom: Not much to say here. See last years film. I just hope we give him the contract he deserves.

Jarvis Green: A good compliment to Doom. I just hope he can be consistant.

McBean: See Chris Baker

Smith: See McBean



DJ Williams: I can't wait to see him in the same spot twice in the same year under the same system. It hasn't happened yet, and we already know what he can do. Very excited out him.

Haggan: I'de be happy if he stayed on special teams, wasn't too impressed.

Reid: See Haggan.

Woodyard: Fast, always seems to be where the ball is. And he will get Davis' spot.

Ayers: He really needs to step it up. We need to pay Elvis so he can couch em' up. Ayers has all the potential to be a poor man's Doom.

Draft: I hear that McClain has Crohns Disease so maybe we can get him later? Also i would love to pick up Spikes from Florida in the 2nd.



Champ: Hall of famer, wish we would've kept Jack Williams, he reminded me alot of Champ. If there is one person to teach Alphonso Smith the ropes its champ.

Goodman: A HUGE step up from Dre  "im always getting burned" Bly. Nice Compliment to Champ

Fanso Smith: The first game against the Bengals he held his own against Henry. Ty Law took his minutes, so i see him gettin a bigger role next year.

Carter: A late addition, but a nice one.

Draft: A Corner in the 4th


Dawkins: We haven't had this much talent since Atwater, yes that means Lynch too. Lynch was Smart but not as fast. Alot of peoples favorite player, and for a great reason, just hope he can pass ithe smarts and nastiness on to the youngsters.

Hill: A great compliment to Dawkins, the less we here about the Safeties the better, BUT when we did hear about them he was definately in the conversation. Quiet but a great leader.

McBath: I see him taking the steering wheel after Dawkins. I like this kid.

Bruton: A solid backup but a huge playmaker on special teams. I like him.

Fox: Excited to see him McBath and Bruton duke it out for the back up.

Draft: Not a need

                                                                         SPECIAL TEAMS

Prater: Solid last year i expected worse. Hope he can build on last years success.

Colquitt/Trapasso: ANYTHING is better that Berger. He was awful.


All in all i believe we have a solid DL, LBs, and DBs. Running back need to be more consistant. It will be interesting to see a new running style in Denver. The Offensive line is a concern of mine. We're supposedly wanting to add around 100 lbs to the line so that should be interesting. Marshall im pretty sure he stays, if not maybe pick up Golden Tate. I do not see us picking up Dez Bryant because he is a poor mans Marshall, on and off the field. Why trade away a proven player for a player not proven with the same off the field issues.

All in all i see us going 9-7 at best. Maybe good enough for a wild-card. God i hope I'm wrong about that.

Hope you liked my views if not let me know how i can improve. Thanks!

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