Who Has Improved The Most In The AFC West?

According to Bill Williamson, it is the Kansas City Chiefs. My response?  I would love to see him logically prove it to me. The Broncos and the Chiefs have been the most active in free agency and I fail to see how the Chiefs have made a bigger improvement then the Broncos. Let us take a look shall we?

Oakland Raiders
  • Raiders franchise DE Richard Seymour
  • Raiders re-sign K Sebastian Janikowski
  • They cut Greg Ellis, Javon Walker and Gerard Warren
  • They kept Seymour and resigned Sebastian. They have made no acquisitions. They have not gotten better in any way shape or form. They are actually worse since they are now thinner in 3 positions on the depth chart
    San Diego Chargers
    • Jets acquire CB Antonio Cromartie from Chargers for conditional 2011 third-round pick
    • Chargers re-sign TE Kris Wilson
    • Chargers cut RB LaDainian Tomlinson
    The Chargers have gotten worse this offseason. They traded Cromartie, cut Jamal Williams and Ladanian Tomlinson. They also lost Osgood, Manumaleuna. The pick for Cromartie is going to be a high one, but it won't come till 2011. With Cromartie gone, they are weaker at the cornerback position. They lost LT to free agency and that will hurt them in depth and in leadership. In addition, the Broncos picked up the same Jamal Williams that they cut. Ask Merriman how the Chargers feel about that. I believe this is the season we can and will take the AFC West. The Chargers are vulnerable. We need to take advantage.


    Kansas City Chiefs

  • Chiefs sign WR Jerheme Urban
  • Texans sign G/C Wade Smith
  • Chiefs sign DE/DT Shaun Smith
  • Chiefs sign RB Thomas Jones
  • Chiefs re-sign WR Chris Chambers
  • Colts sign G/C Andy Alleman
  • Chiefs re-sign DE/OLB Mike Vrabel
  • Chiefs cut G Mike Goff
  • Chiefs re-sign QB Matt Gutierrez
  • Chiefs re-sign RB Kolby Smith
  • When you take a look here, there only significant moves are signing Thomas Jones and Shaun Smith. Williamson says that resigning Chambers and Vrabel makes the Chiefs better. I don't see how resigning the same players they had last year makes the team any better. It just means they aren't going to lose talent. Keeping talent and gaining talent are two totally different things Bill. They signed a few guards/centers to shore up their offensive line. That's about it.
    Denver Broncos
  • Broncos cut ILB Andra Davis
  • Broncos cut NT J'Vonne Parker
  • Broncos re-sign DE/DT Le Kevin Smith
  • Broncos cut DE/DT Kenny Peterson
  • Broncos sign NT Jamal Williams
  • Broncos sign DE/DT Jarvis Green
  • Broncos re-sign K Matt Prater
  • Broncos sign CB Nate Jones
  • Broncos sign DE/DT Justin Bannan
  • Broncos re-sign G Russ Hochstein
  • Broncos sign RB J.J. Arrington
  • Broncos cut RB LaMont Jordan
  • Broncos cut C Casey Wiegmann
  • The Broncos have been the most active in the off season. It is clear that McD knows what is wrong with the team and is doing everything he can to fix it. Everybody pointed out that we had horrible play from the offensive and defensive lines late in the year. First thing McD does? Goes out and signs Justin Bannan, Jarvis Green and Jamal Williams in the first week of free agency. Ty Law probably is going to retire. What does McD do? Goes out and signs Nate Jones. He cuts LaMont Jordan who was very ineffective throughout the year. What does McD do? Goes out and gets J.J. Arrington back. I love all of the off season moves so far. Bannan, Green, and Williams are going to provide some much needed depth and bulk in the defensive trenches. Jones is an underrated productive nickel corner. J.J. Arrington is finally going to be a Bronco and I am very excited.  On top of his running ability, he is a capable backfield receiver. He also has value in special teams. He is going to add another layer to the Moreno/Buckhlater duo. The Broncos are not done yet. They cut Wiegmann and Andra Davis leaving holes in the Center and ILB positions. Larsen and Woodyard could or could not fill in the ILB position, but  you can be sure that McD knows what he is doing. He has a plan to make the Broncos better. With all the additions Denver has made in the off season, I am baffled as to how 2 signings of the Chiefs make them the most improved team in the AFC West. What do you think?

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