GJ Mock 2.0

Good day fellow Broncos fans.  I released my first mock some time ago, before free agency, senior bowl etc.  A lot of my favorite players are the same, some have changed.  I still love Rolondo McClain, Eric Berry, Micah Johnson and Emanuel Sanders who, as I predicted, has seen his stock rise considerably during the evaluation process.  Some, not so much - Zane Beadles.  I wanted to wait until now to do my second mock because I wanted to have all or nearly all the information I could.  I want to keep it simple b/c you all have google and youtube so . . .   I will have two scenarios - one in which Seattle, or someone else, signs BM and one where they don't.  

The biggest critisicm I have for myself is the WR position.  If we lose BM, most will want to take Dez Bryant.  I just can't bring myself to pass on McClain or Pouncey, especially given our needs at C and ILB.  If we hadn't released Andra Davis, I might have gone with Bryant and Pouncey, Bryant and Dan Williams or Williams and Pouncey.  I also like Jared Odrick and Brandon Graham A LOT, but I was looking at need as well. 

Regarding ILB, I am in love with Micah Johnson, but McClain looks like a sure-fire pro-bowler and, in my opinion, the safest pick in the draft (next to maybe Eric Berry).  At this point, I'm assuming McClain will be off the board at 11.  If he's not, I'd take him there.  Obviously, all of this depends on who falls to us.  As such, if Jordan Shipley fell to the third, I'd take him in a heartbeat just as I'd take Eric Berry if he fell to us at 6.  I'm not sold on Iupati after the combine but I'd take him in the 2nd.  My sixth rounder is a guy who has worlds of talent with some injury issues.  He is the O-line equivalent to Ryan Torrain.  If he stays healthy, he could be a solid starter.  Alualu may or may not be there in the 2nd.  If he's not, I would still like us to get a front 3 guy, if there's value there, like Cam Thomas.  I love our new "Jwall" but we need some youth underneath them to learn - like what we did last year in the secondary.     


Scenario 1: Seattle signs B

6 Rolando McClain ILB

11 Markice Pouncey C

2nd Tyson Alualu DT

3rd Emanuel Sanders WR

4th Vince Oghobasse DT

6th Dace Richardson OG - great player who has had injury problems.  If he stays healthy, he's a stud.


Scenario 2: B is still a Bronco

11 Pouncey C

2nd Alualu DT

3rd Emanuel Sanders WR

4th Micah Johnson ILB

6th Richardson OG

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