Drafting Quarterbacks

I've been doing research the last few days on the Quarterbacks of 2009 that threw for more than 1000 yards. I've found some interesting trends. The trend that I thought I'd use for this post is Quarterbacks that have a rating over 90 and when  and what round they were drafted.

In my research there is an anomaly his name is Matt Moore. He is a 2007 CFA of Carolina that 1053 yards and had a QB rating of 98.5. I leave him out in my discussion because he disrupts the trend set by the other 34 Quarterbacks that threw for at least 1000 yards in 2009.

Now that is out of the way lets discuss the other 11 players that had a rating of +90. Of those players 6 were drafted in the 1st round, 2 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd and 1 was a CFA. Only 1 Player, Aaron Rodgers, came into the league after 2004 and he came in 2005. This tells me that it takes about 4 years of development for a QB to become a top 10 QB in QB rating.

So I wondered about quarterbacks drafted between 2000 and 2004 and if how many were starters on their teams and how many were backups and how what rounds they were selected.

In those 5 years these are the amount of picks and how many starters and how many backups. I know this would be better in graph form but I'm still a little computer illiterate.

Round 1: 13 selected 4 starters 4 backups

Round 2: 3 selected 1 starter 0 backups.

Round 3: 7 selected  1 starter 2 backups

Round 4: 7 selected  1 starter 3 backups

Round 5: 13 selected  0 starter 2 backups

Round 6: 17 selected  2 starter 2 backups

Round 7: 11 selected  0 starter 0 backups

CFA:  1 starter 2 backups

What does this all mean? You tell me what it means to you?

I'd say it is a risk anytime a team  drafts a QB.

Orton is progressing nicely his QB rating is next after these 11 and Flacco. He has less experience than all with a higher QB rating except foe Flacco and equal with Rodgers,who had the privilege of backing up Favre for 3 years while he developed.

Brady Quinn based on his 1st round selection has an equal chance of being a starter, a backup, or out of football in 3 years.

Brandstater must be an exception to the rule for 6th round picks but it is possible.

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