Film Study: Brady Quinn and the Draft

I've spent some time the past couple of months looking at our draft prospects and film and getting as many different opinions about them.  Then after we got Brady Quinn I decided to take a look at him on film as well. Here is what I saw from my vantage point.  Now please, this is just my opinion and certainly there are players that on film looked really good to me but just didn't pan out,

Brady Quinn: First I heard of the trade I was kind of meh! And lamenting the fact we had to give up Peyton Hillis.  However, the more I look at Brady Quinn on film the more I like what I see.  And I know most of you are thinking that I must be confused and looking at the wrong Brady (Tom) but seriously he did somethings I value highly in a quarterback.  Here's what Quinn did well in my opinion

1. Athleticism-He's not just a chiseled body.  He has good mobility and can scramble for a first down if need be.  He can move a around a bit and make a play if need be.  His athletic ability could seperate him from Kyle Orton

2. Throw the ball in tight windows-Now he did this way more in college and I think in Cleveland he was terrified to make a mistake which I will grant is not a good sign.  However, in college he really made some great throws done the middle of the field, and was spot on it tight coverage at times. 

In Cleveland he did have a stretch of 150 pass attempts without an INT.  Now part of this may go back to being afraid to make a mistake but it also could speak to his accuracy and decision making. 

3. Moxie-There were a number of times where Quinn could have packed it in but here's a guy I thought even when it seemed hopeless kept trying to lead his team to victory.  

There are some things he didn't do so well, and I think he needs to develop more of a feel for the pocket when it starts to break down.  Too often he would just start to back pedal.  A QB needs to step up into the pocket and put himself in the heat of fire.  I also have heard it been side he doesn't throw deep very well.  I saw some nice throws to down field targets but some of his passes did lack zip and hung in the air more than I would have liked.  As good as Joe Thomas is a as a LT, I could see that Quinn constantly got pressured on the right side of the line.  I am sure he is happy to see old friend Ryan Harris there. 


SAFETIES-I lot of people recently have been touting the possibility of somehow getting Eric Berry or even Earl Thomas.  While I think both are first round prospects I wouldn't draft either of them for the Broncos. Why, because when I look at Earl Thomas, I really just see Darcel McBath.  Both are great athletes who can track the ball and actually have the ability to come up and play corner.  It's amazing McBath didn't come off the board higher because he and Earl Thomas are really similar which I think is exciting for the Broncos. 

ROLANDO MCCLAIN- I think this is our pick at 11 and I am happy.  More than any measurables this guy is three things I value highly.  Smart, Leader, and Winner.  Draft him and we have our defensive captain for the next 10 years. 

NOSE TACKLES- Suh and McCoy are great DT but they are not true NT.  Their games are about penetration. I do think Suh could play DE and design the 3-4 around his talents. Dan Williams seems to be a favorite around here but on film I don't see it.  He has the size but then I watched him get pushed around by inferior offensive lineman.  He doesn't seem to anchor like a NT should.  I know I'm in the minority on this one but to me Dan Williams is not a first rounder.  Terrance Cody, if he continues to lose weight though, is a NT who can anchor.  Sure he only plays 2 downs but what a 2 downs it's going to be.  The Broncos substitute often anyways.  Plus, think of the lessons he could learn from J-Wall. I also like Cam Thomas as a NT and really like Lamarr Houston but to play the 5 technique.  Some guys it doesn't matter what position they play they are just football players. Lamarr Houston is a football player. 

O-LINE-Again, a lot of MHR seems to like Markice Pouncey and MIke Iupati, and I absolutely agree.  Both are great talents, however, I think either one of them would need a bit of time before they could be all-pro starters.  One thing about Pouncey is he sometimes ends up on the ground way too much.  I love Iupati's size but also his quickness.  What a great pulling guard to have on the team, also he'd be perfect because of all the screens we like to run.  Now in pass protection he still sometimes gets beat by quick penetration but in time I would expect him to be an all-pro.  I also think JD Walton  and Matt Tennant are also excellent options at center.  As for another guard I like what John Jerry out of Mississippi.  He is big but is showing he can move well with it and is just awesome in the run game.  Pass protection will be a work in progress. 

BRONCOS MOCK DRAFT Version 4,283.729

Round 1-Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

Round 2-John Jerry, G, Mississippi

Round 3-J.D. Walton, C, Baylor

Round 4-Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas-Will make a play, goes up and gets the ball

Round 6- Daniel Te'o Nesheim, DE/OLB Washington-Don't think he'd last past round 5 but you never know. 

Round 7-Corey Peters, DT/DE, Kentucky-High Character, good size

Free Agents-Traves Ivey, NT, Maryland/ Ben Burney, CB, Colorado/ Manase Tonga, FB, Brigham Young/James Ruffin, DE/OLB, Northern Iowa

Theme of this years draft: BEEF, IT'S WHAT"S FOR DINNER


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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