You Cannot Be Serious: RMT Rants

Ladies and gentleman, I made a mistake today.  I read Woody's mailbag this morning.  A couple of months ago I promised myself I would stop reading because it did nothing of value but I couldn't help myself.  Look I don't have a problem with an opinion as long as the opinion makes sense.  Or at least make what you say so absurd people know you are joking such as my campaign to bring back John Engelberger. :)  

Woody said something that really got my goat today. 

I can't see Quinn being No. 1 in the first game because McDaniels wouldn't admit he made a mistake last year, and Josh genuinely believes that Orton will be improved and is the man.

Come on Woody.  Do you think if Brady Quinn shows superior to Orton McDaniels will really say, "I can't look like I was wrong so I am going to start the inferior QB" No, Josh showed last year that he will bench Alphonso Smith and play a practice squad player if that player has shown to be better.  If Orton starts, it is because Josh believes he gives the Broncos the best chance to win, not because he doesn't want to admit a mistake. 

Also, one week after Woody claimed in his mailbag that Elway and McDaniels didn't have much of a relationship he retracts the statement (sort of) Here is the quote

ATTENTION, readers. I have a CORRECTION (sort of)!

Come on man!  Let's drop the qualifier (sort of) and be honest.  You completely misjudged the situation because you just don't have access to McDaniels and Elway like you think you do. 

Woody in my opinion, used to be a much better writer than this.  He has always been kooky, but I have never seen him take aim at a specific individual like he seems to do with Josh McDaniels.  Perhaps Woody doesn't like Josh and can't imagine that many of us do...including John Elway, it seems.  I got news for you Woody, I like Josh McDaniels. 

It's times like this I miss the journalism of a man like Tim Russert.  He was thorough, dilligent, and never revealed his political leanings.  You always left a show with Russert feeling like you were more informed. 

More shocking than any of this.  Woody seems to have a number of people who write into his mailbag and think that they are receiving honest to goodness expert opinion on these things.  At MHR though we know better, and the BS meter is on alert! 

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, I feel better now. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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