Big Blue VIew Community Mock Draft Broncos Selection

Hey MHR! Us giant fans over at BBV had a community mock draft. I made the selection for Denver and thought I'd share the selection with you guys.

The Board looked like this

Rams -- Bradford
Lions -- Suh
Bucs -- McCoy
Redskins -- Okung
Chiefs -- Berry
Seahawks -- Clausen
Browns -- Dez Bryant
Raiders -- Bruce Campbell
Bills -- Dan Williams
Jacksonville -- Joe Haden


In The 2010 BBV Community Mock Draft: With 11th pick, The Broncos select ...


Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama.


Sorry, fellow Giant fans, please take McClain off your boards. Now, let me try and explain why he won’t slip past Denver in the 2010 NFL Draft.

To begin, let’s go through what positions the Broncos could address with the firstir-round pick:

  • They have a hole in their interior offensive line due to the release of Wiegmann (C) and Hochstein’s (G) injury late last season.
  • They could look for a replacement (or complement) for Brandon Marshall.


  • They could look for help to fix a defensive front seven that collapsed at the end of the year.
  • They could try and get younger in the secondary (all 4 of their starting DBs are over 30).
  • Lastly, by releasing Andra Davis they have a big vacancy at ILB.

To address their interior line, Denver will take a hard look at Mike Iupati (G) and Maurkice Pouncey (G/C). However, both are reaches at No. 11. Furthermore, Pouncey might be available in Round 2 and other alternatives like Ducasse (G) and Asamoah (G) will be available. Essentially, there is enough OL depth in this year's class to provide Denver with a quality prospect(s) after Round 1.


As for drafting a WR, Dez Bryant is the only practical choice, but he’s off the board. Even if he was available, Denver has had private workouts with WR Mardy Gilyard and Dexter McCluster, and I believe they may look to draft a WR in rounds 3-5.

I also think Denver will avoid drafting a defensive lineman at No. 11 since they have signed: DT Justin Bannan, DE Jarvis Green and NT Jamal Williams in free agency.

As for fresh legs for the secondary, the only players deserving of the 11th pick were Berry and Haden. Since both are off the board, the pick is obvious.

Denver will take McClain and never look back. He is the perfect marriage between need and value for Denver. He is also, without a doubt, the best linebacker in the draft and has a skill set best utilized in a 3-4 at ILB. He has all the physical attributes you’d look for, and has all the intangibles you’d want in your defensive captain. Additionally, he fills the big vacancy left by the (surprising) release of Andra Davis, and gives Don Martindale (their new DC and former LB coach) an elite ILB to build around.


Thanks, the original thread can be found here.



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