2010 Early Schedule Analysis and Prediction

This is far to early to make predictions, but with a mock draft coming up, one must have something else to focus on rather than worrying if he is going to get the player he wants. This is based off the current state of the teams, not post-draft. Since we don't know the order yet, it will be hard to determine momentum throughout the season, and will be based on a game by game basis.

Home Games:

San Diego: This will largely depend on what time in the season it comes. The Chargers have the longest winning streak in December, so I'd rather the home game be early in the season, giving us an edge against a good team. If it's in the first half of the season I could see us winning this.W

Kansas City: At home we should be able to beat the Chiefs. They are pretty dominant at KC, especially in the winter. They have improved over last season, but I don't see their defense being enough to stop a decent offense and Orton will out gun Cassel, again. W

Oakland: At home, we have a strong chance of taking down the Raiders, they have done little to improve over last season, and I don't think they will have as much luck on their side as internal problems will come to the surface that have been building for a while. Their strong defense will not be able to overcome offensive woes. W

St. Louis: The Rams are rebuilding, but have done little so far to change their current sad state, I can't think of any reason on this Earth for us to lose this game, unless of course Steven Jackson pulls a huge game on us like KC did at the end of the season, but I really can't see that happening with all the changes we've made to the defensive line. W

Indianapolis: While we put a good game last season, much closer than the score showed, I still can't see use really upsetting the Colts. It's hard to imagine Manning having another bad game against us. While I like us to be so lucky, I really can't see it happening. L

Arizona: This team has lost a lot, and done little to fill the voids left by the departure of key players, the most important of which was Kurt Warner. While still a decent team, the once powerful offense will not be able to make up for the now weakened offense and soft defense, I don't think they will be able to match up against us well at home. W

New York Jets: The Jets have made some big moves this off-seasons, and their defense has become even better, if that possible. Mark Sanchez will improve next season, and will a good running game, their offense will be a bit more balanced than last season, but will still not be explosive. But with a strong defense, I believe they can shut our running game down, and with Cromartie with Revis, I don't think Orton will be able to overcome this team. L

Houston: This is a hard team to figure out. With a lot of weapons on offense, they seem to struggle to live up to expectations. But if Schaub can pull a big day out of his offense, it will be hard to keep up with the Texans. While I want to say we'll win this it's hard to do, this team is dangerous and unpredictable. L

Home Record: 5-3

Road Games:

San Diego: It's hard to pick that we will sweep the Chargers. While they have made a lot of changes, mostly in cutting players, I still think they will be a tough team to beat, especially late in the season. L

Oakland: This season I think we will manage to keep it together and contain the unpredictable Raiders. Last season they won some surprising games against good teams, Denver, Philly, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. Not this season, I believe that Oakland just hasn't done enough so far to keep it's feet in the water. W

Kansas City: We have only won twice in 18 games at Arrowhead in December, they are a team that looks to be a bit more dangerous this next season, and if we face them in Arrowhead late in the season, I think we might just face an off-week. Tough to call, but I like to be conservative. L

Jacksonville: This team is one that I think is headed the route of the Rams, with only a strong running back and a decent quarterback, the Jags will be struggling next season. Sadly, they really haven't done much to improve in free agency. Dangerous in their own division, they aren't really much to be feared. If we can contain Maurice Jones-Drew, I think this game shouldn't be to bad. W

Baltimore: This team has been slowly falling from grace, but if Ray Rice can stay strong and Flacco do his job of keeping a decent passing game, I believe their defense is still strong enough to keep us at bay. With Boldin on their team now, I think this game could turn out to be a battle of two very similar teams. But the fact that it's in Baltimore gives the Ravens the edge on a very even match. L

Seattle: This team has done some good moving this off-season, but not enough to really move them above an 8-8 team. Their offense and defense have improved, but not enough to compete with a good offense and a dominating defense. The Seahawks always play much better at home, but this team just doesn't have enough going for it to really compete in this game. W

San Francisco: This game takes place in London, so it's more of an neutral game rather than an away one. I like what the 49niners have done, but bringing in David Carr really isn't going to do much against the Broncos defense. While Gore may try to carry the day for San Francisco, I don't think their offense has enough weapons to keep up with us. W

Tennessee: This team was pretty hyped at the beginning and end of last season, but that may have been to either the past seasons record, or to a soft schedule. I like Chris Johnson, but I don't think he can carry a Vince Young lead offense for very long. While Young is dangerous and explosive, he is also very unreliable for most of the game. If we can contain Johnson from making any big runs, I think our offense will overpower their weakening defense. W

Road Record: 5-3

Record: 10-6

While this doesn't take into account the draft or timing during the season, I tried to be fair and judge each game alone. While this has a note that it can go +/- 1 game either way, I still see us having a winning year no matter what. If we can go 8-8 after most people thought we go 5-11 or 6-12, my record might even appeal to the kool-aid drinkers. I would love to know what peoples analysis on games where they question my outcome so I can get a better feel from those who may follow those teams more closely. Thanks and lets hope for a great next season.

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