And with the 11th pick the Broncos select....

The draft is upon us!  As free agency takes shape and with the combine in our rear-view mirror, its time to start thinking about the Broncos pick at 11.

The more I read up it appears with the 11th pick the Broncos might be stuck in a quandary. All of the top talent (which also happens to be our biggest needs)  will be off the board by the time they pick. The best  DL are going in the top 5 and Dan Williams (one year wonder) at 11 is a reach. The Jaguars (pick 10) are looking to trade down while the Giants are looking to trade up for Rolando McClain. There is a  need for a center,  again a reach with the 11th pick. Dez Bryant seems like a future NFL star but word on the street is he could be another headache for McDaniels. If we cant find a partner to trade down what do the Broncos do?

One would think they would draft the best player available (McDaniels/Xanders draft history withstanding) since drafting talent rather than reaching for need...uhemm...Jarvis Moss...has proven to be successful. With that in mind the top player likely to be left on the board is...drum-roll....CJ Spiller. Yes, I know they drafted a RB last year but there is recent history to suggest this isn't a bad idea. This has turned into a two RB league and everywhere you turn teams are loading up at the position. A few examples:

-Panther draft DeAngelo Williams in the first round and a season later they draft Jonathan Stewart. Now they own the reputation as the best running team in the NFL. More impressively they did this  behind a QB that couldn't hit anyone in the same colored jersey.

-The Titans drafted LenDale White in the 2nd and a year later they selected Chris Johnson in the 1st.  As a result White led the league in rushing TDs in '08 and Chris Johnson led in yards in '09.

-The Dallas Cowboys had a proven mauler in Marion Barber and what do they do?...they draft Felix Jones in the first round. They have been pounding the ball down teams throats ever since.


All three of these teams have run games Bronco Country would trade for in a heartbeat.


This is even more intriguing because Spiller WILL actually fill a need. He will be a home run threat in the return game allowing Royal to return to his rookie form at WR. He can also be the change of pace back that brings 4.3 speed to the Broncos edge rushing attack and screen game. In addition, their 20th ranked offense was already short on speed and lacked depth in the skill positions (even more so if Brandon Marshall leaves).

I agree that the Broncos have other needs. I would love to see the Broncos find a quality (big body) center, a replacement for Brandon Marshall, a stout ILB and some youth and size on both sides of the line. Reaching for players at these positions with the 11th pick just to fill a need could be a huge mistake. Im hoping the Broncos go with the best player available and it looks like it could be the big play back our offense desperately needed last season.

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