Brandon Marshall to Seattle, insistent KJR Radio Hosts Hope

I'm not telling you anything that hasn't already been widely circulated on NFL message boards from coast to coast, but Seattle radio hosts are almost begging Brandon Marshall to come to the City of Rain, Fish and coffee.


As the Denver Post published Wednesday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has reportedly been in contract negotiations with Marshall's agent, Kennard McGuire, and, from listening to KJR-AM 950 out of Seattle online at work, this seems like it could be a done deal.


Well, allow me to burst the balloon of radio host Ian Furness. I just don't see this happening right now. Things can change but if the Broncos haven't traded Marshall by now, I do believe that the chances of him staying with the Broncos increase with every passing day.


Many Seattleites who have called into the afternoon show have admitted that the franchise is far away from winning right now and they need a lot more than Marshall. Perhaps this is why the Seahawks are so reticent to surrender their #6 pick should a trade occur.


The thing that really strikes me as funny though is Furness' arrogance that the Broncos have to acquiesce to the Seahawks' requests. He and his foolish co-host/engineer seem to think that the Broncos absolutely have no alternative but to surrender Marshall. Obviously, I beg to differ, as I'm sure do many of you.


First of all, Mr. Bowlen, in addition to being the best owner in sports, is not stupid. He, I would imagine, has discussed many things with Marshall about what would be expected of him should Denver sign him to a long-term deal. There is plenty of time for contract negotiations to take place but I, for one, would feel better about everything if we know the potential lockout is eradicated well before the NFL season reconvenes this September.


If any threat of a lockout is averted, we can then focus on continuing to keep this franchise strong for the long-term. Personally, I'm puzzled that this is such a dominant theme in Seattle right now. For starters, the Washington Huskies have a legitimate chance to move to the Elite Eight provided they can beat West Virginia tomorrow evening.


Furthermore, the lack of interest in Marshall across the board in the NFL from everyone except the Seahawks makes them look rather foolish in my humble opinion and ultimately, the Broncos can look at the paltry offer Seattle would be putting on the table and hold onto Marshall as long as they want.


In short, I will not believe Brandon Marshall's going anywhere until it happens. For now, the buffoons in Seattle are getting shot down by their listeners and nothing has really materialized.  Thanks for reading!

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