Thoughts on this years draft...

So in doing my usual research on players I have made some interesting thoughts about certain players and positions when it comes to our Broncos. Just figured I would share them as discussion points. For now lets just go with me here. Denver has traded our #11 pick k for the #20 pick and next years 5th round pick. ( i am not saying this will happen but hey who knows!) Below the Jump is a list of players based on position. I will answer all my questions and leave you to answer them for yourself!

1. at #20 you want a WR and you are looking Dez Bryant and Golden Tate in the face, Who do you draft?

I draft Tate based on the fact that the man works hard never gives up and plays at the same level as Bryant. Bryant may have a size advatange but we have kept Brandon Marshall and I could see having him Royal and Tate around for a long time. In my opinion Tate is the better pick.

2. at #20 you are swtaring down Pouncey and Iupatui. Who do you grab?

I would draft Lupatui. Theres something to be said about having a top notch line and working from the outside in you are left with what i would consider one weak link at OC. This coudl be a problem except I think we could get a decent center in later rounds as well. The drop off from Iupatui is bigger than the drop off from Pouncey imo.

3. C.J. Spiller and Jahvid Best are staring you down at #20 who would you draft?

I would go Spiller because he is a good runner from behind a semi weak line! Moreno is great between the tackles but lacks a little lateral speed! Spiller would be a great addition to the backfield for years.

4. If Jared Odrick, Sergio Kindle or Jason Pierre-Paul is there @ #20 do you snag them?

There are so many unexpected thing that happen in the draft that I was wondering what the effect of them dropping would have on our Broncos! I would love to grab one of these guys and at 20 it would be insanely awesome to have one of them there. Personally I would grab Odrick but I wouldnt sniff at the other two either!

5. Bruce Campbell and Anthony Davis are there at 20 who is your pick?

This isnt a knock on Ryan Harris at all but the thought of having one of these guys @ 20 makes me kind of drool. Plus moving them inside wouldnt be a bad idea either any how I would take Campbell as he is a little more agile and more solid a run blocker!


Thats all I have just some food for thought Ladies and Gents!


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