justsome thoughts and questions...

I'm not a mock-draft guy, however, I'd appreciate their input here...

A couple thoughts and questions regarding the off-season and Draft...

Hop, Skip, Jump...

Whether the Broncos keep the 11th pick in the draft, or trade down; I like the options.

If we stay at 11:

1.I'm movin towards Haden...I like the thought of adding depth to our secondary, especially with All-Pros back there to learn from. I think McBath, Bruton, Barrett, Smith, and Carter will all be better for their surroundings and support...Haden would too. What if Champ or Goodman gets injured? Who do we have back there we feel can cover a legitimate #1 NFL Receiver?

I'd be extremely happy with taking Haden this year; let's keep our Secondary a strength moving forward.

2.I'm not sure about McClain Uncle has Chrons and I've seen it's affects  first hand. Granted, my Uncle isn't a World Class Athlete. I really like Sean Weatherspoon, but I realize 11 is a big reach...Maybe Dan Williams? It's tough to speculate on the DL without knowledge of specific individuals and their possible progress (Baker, Thomas)

If we trade down...Personally, I like this...I keep reading that the Giants are looking to trade up into the Top 10 for numerous possible players/needs: McClain (replace Pierce and lead D), C.J Spiller (be catalyst to spark NYG Run Game)...Giants have the 15 Pick...we could trade down 4 picks, probably grab Pouncey, and add another pick (please speculate Draft Guys)...

Cam Thomas does seem like a good fit in the 2nd round...I would like a big RB here, someone to replace Hillis, give Moreno a Breather, and get those short yards when we need them...Gerdhart (not sure he lasts this long), this seems to be a deep Draft for big RB's, I hope we take advantage...

Demariyus Williams is intriguing, with or without Marshall in the line-up.

I'm willing to give Haggan a chance at ILB...he was better than serviceable at OLB last year.

I wonder where Josh Barrett fits in? Don't see why we'd take a Safety this year, even if someone like Berry or Mays is available...unless someone is versatile enough to play CB too.

The thought of taking a RT is intriguing...wonder if Harris is able to make that transition...or maybe we draft a Tackle and plug em in at Guard...

Is Orton working out at Dove Valley? This is an important year for him know Brady Quinn is gettin comfy right now...

Anyways, that's sum of my current Bronco thoughts (worth mentioning). 

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