My views on Brandon Marshall

 Ok, after my fake post the other day with the Magic 8-Ball, I decided to get in on all the FA fun and post a real article regarding my views on whether or not we should keep Brandon Marshall. This is my first true post, so please don't scour me too much. These are just my opinions and can be taken for what they are worth.

There are advantages and disadvantages to Brandon Marshall, on one hand you have an amazing Wide Receiver that has had at least 100 receptions and 1100 yards 3 seasons straight. We know he can play and we know he can make the big plays when we need it. The other side of that is his attitude towards the club, his attitude off the field and his injuries. The reason he is upset is he believes he deserves a top 5 WR salary (consult the chart below).

  Player Team Base Salary Sign Bonus Other Bonus Total Salary Cap Value

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Let's assume we were to pay Brandon Marshall the lowest of these 5 salaries over a 5 year span, this is still going to equal out to around $40 million, assuming he received all of the bonus money. On the other hand if we were to get the 6th pick overall from Seattle, we are going to potentially pay a rookie around $30 - $40 million over the same time span. Either way we go, we are paying about the same.

If we can get Brandon Marshall for less than $6 million per year, this might be a good thing (with bonus salary for good behavior). If we do get the 6th overall pick, we are still not guaranteed we will not have a player with attitude problems. I am sure McX knows what they are doing on that front and hope they will make the right decision overall.

Brandon Marshall has a ton of upside, but we have seen what attitude ridden receivers have done to various clubs over the past few years (Moss, T.O., OchoCinco) and it is not fun. I do not envy any of those teams that they have screwed and do not want the same controversies or issues that those clubs have had. Brandon Marshall needs to continue taking lessens from Rod Smith. If Marshall can pull it together, I would love to see him catching touchdowns from Orton all season. If he cannot, I say farewell, bring on the draft pick.

So, if he is cheap keep him, if not say bye bye.


Final Verdict

Potential cost of keeping Brandon Marshall (with issues) $35 - $50 million for a 5-year contract.

Potenential cost of 6th overall pick (preferably without issues) $30 - $40 million for a 5-year contract.



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