Brady Quinn for a Late Round Pick?

Now THIS is something that intrigues me greatly.  Michael Lombardi reports that Cleveland Browns quarterback is not a favorite of Mike Holmgren and the new management over in Cleveland, and that the team will be looking for a starter via free agency, trade, or the draft, and that Quinn might be able to be had for a late round pick.

I would think suitors would be lining up, and I wouldn't be shocked if the Broncos offered a fourth this year or a conditional pick next year.  This is a move they should strongly consider if Lombardi's reports are accurate that Quinn is available for a cheap price. 

Not sure how high any of you are on Quinn, and I'd imagine based on his performance thus far in the NFL that his acquisition would not be the most appealing thing, but this is a guy who is a pure-breed McDaniels player.  Hard worker, solid leader, strong personality, and wouldn't you know it, he's played our offense or a derivative of it for the last seven years. 

My picture is being painted as an anti-Orton guy right now, but that's not it at all.  I love having Kyle Orton as part of the Broncos, and woud LOVE to see him break out in 2010 and earn an extension in 2011.  That being said, the Broncos need stability.  We cannot expect to fall back on Tom Brandstater next season, as much as we all would love that. 

I think the Broncos need a guy at QB who is going to be "The Guy" for years to come.  I don't know if I see Orton or Brandstater as "The Guy."  I hope I'm wrong, but as per now I just think this team needs a long-term answer at quarterback, and right now Orton and Brandstater cannot be considered long term options.

Orton has but one year left on his deal, so we cannot just assume he will be our QB after this year, especially if he doesn't improve as many of us expect him to. 

Michael Lombardi expects Brady Quinn to be available for a later round pick, so why would the Broncos not give it a shot?  A 4th round pick might get the deal done, or if the Browns are not interested in adding a 13th pick to their repertoire, we could see if trading tight end Tony Scheffler for Quinn would be a deal they are interested in.

Either way, I think this is an intriguing option given the reported asking price.

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