Food for thought

There have been some great posts coming up here on MHR which is why I love this place! To be very blunt and straight forward some of it got me thinking! Who fits in our system and who doesn't? Guys like Eddie Royal have been talked about as trade bait. Champ with Age  people think DJ doesn't fit the system. Shipping out Doom because he cant guard against the run. I don't agree with every thing posted but it definitely gets me thinking and watching tape. Here are some thoughts!

Eddie Royal does not fit this system?

I am not so sure about that! Eddie was put in a position to succeed his first year as most people focused on Brandon Marshall. Eddie's weaknesses we masked by his ability to be under rated! After one year of film most coaches said "This kid can not handle the press coverage" and bumped him at the line! It takes a while to get used to people bugging you off the snap! Eddie has had a year to learn routes and probably some great coaching on how to beat the press! I think we should have a wait and see approach to Eddie.

Champ Bailey is a risk because of Age?

Welcome to the Denver Broncos Defense my friend. We have signed a veteran squad to help teach our younger players. With the assumption that 8 of our starters on defense will be 30+ at the start of the season most people assume old and decrepit! I have to say I think that while speed is something brains are by far more valued! I would rather have a guy who is in the right position at the right time than a guy who can GET to the place after the fact. I think this is the time to really see what a SMART football team can do!

D.J. Williams does not fit our system on defense?

DJ is a typical Miami Athlete. He plays kind of like I play sports, based on physical ability. In January I rolled my ankle and have had to since learn how to play Basketball, Football, Volleyball etc. from a smart presence rather than a athletic one! It's hard to do and I still struggle at times. However I realized how much I relied on my ability to "get there" rather than the ability to "be there" that is something that may be slowing down DJ too!

Knowshon Moreno is a Bust?

I cant say that. He led rookies in rushing from behind a useless line! Sure he didn't have the home runs speed or game breaking ability his first year, but as the game "slows down" for him I can see KM becoming a BIG threat in the way you would see Derrick Ward! So we get a guy like Toby Gerhart in the draft who can be our Bulldozer and run the two at tandem! I wouldn't mind in the least on that one!

Alphonso Smith is a Bust?

I don't agree here either. While like McGeorge I don't like the fact that we traded a first for him I don't think he is a bust based on one year of play. Yes he was replaced by a CFA Practice squad guy and we brought in someone who was 100 years old to play the position too but that doesn't mean he was a bust. The average rookie struggles his first year. Some of them go one to be great players. The draft is a gamble. Sometimes a highly touted prospect drops (Brady Quinn) and a team JUMPS at the chance to have them only to see them fizzle. Sometimes a guy plays to his draft position (Peyton Manning). This is why evaluation is so important. I think that given time we may see what coach sees in Phonzy!

That's all I got folks thanks for reading and comments!



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