One Draft Strategy (give Marshall LT contract)

The Broncos and Marshall are talking today.  There should not be anything of note that will come from this conversation today, as I believe both sides are updating where each stands. 

One draft strategy I believe that should be seriously considered:

The Broncos and Marshall sign a LT deal.  Marshall and his agent (and McX) should have a sense of what he is really worth now that the "courting stage" from other teams is nearly over. The Santonio Holmes Saga may have even helped Marshall (and hopefully his agent but that could be dreaming) understand what the NFL thinks of stud WRs who have a history of "issues" (police involvement whether charged or not does not matter - if you are on the police blotter, you have "issues"). 

Signing a LT deal that Marshall can live with is huge for the potential trade negotiations with other teams - everyone knows what they paying, for how long and under what conditions.  The deal would not preclude them from trading him; conversely, it gives the other teams a known quantity.

So what should come from this?

Use the contract as leverage with other teams - for the benefit of the Broncos and Marshall.  By having Marshall locked up, teams can't just wait for services once his contract expires (at least not any time soon) and Marshall is happy being paid and is willing to play anywhere, including Denver.

We know this draft is full of great prospects (yes, I use prospects).  We have to understand, we are not ONE player away from the Super Bowl.  We need to get better in many areas (and younger).  So the goal should be to maximize the amount of picks Denver can get with the assets it has in its possession in order to improve the team as a whole:

1) #11 pick

2) Marshall

I see the possibility of Denver WANTING to retain Marshall's services, IF it can trade down from the #11 pick for additional picks. 

However, if pick #11 goes by without a trade, I could see Marshall being dealt prior to pick #14 (then some sort of trade with Seattle occurs for their #14 pick).

The Marshall LT deal is now a smart and necessary move that should be addressed in the next few days.  I know some feel that Doom should be given the first LT deal, but he unfortunately is not the tradeable asset Marshall is right now (meaning we dont want to trade him).  Calming the lockerroon regarding this will take some work, but I do see Marshall being traded b/c of our inability to find a trade partner for pick 11. 

Keeping Marshall or not matters nothing, a long term deal now is the best strategy we can implement.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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