The Consequences (with Voodoo)

We all know what just happened, love it or hate it, there will be some consequences and repercussions because of the trade.  Follow below the fold to see a few...


The First - More Mock Mayhem

We will be subjected to roughly 397 new mock drafts within the next week leading up to the draft.  Now that we know what we got for BM, and looking at it for just this year, we added the 43rd pick in the draft.  The resident draftnik population will be unable to contain their unbridled enthusiasm, so, GET READY!


The Second - Voodoo Continued 

Football is always more fun when you have an extra team to root against, as we saw last year in our collective voodoo doll pinning of the Chicago Bears.  Now, this year won't be quite as much fun, as we were hoping for a solid first-rounder out of the Bears, whereas this season we will be hoping for the Dolphins to beach themselves so the position of the second-rounder they gave to us is closer to #33 than #64.  And while that might not seem like such a big deal, some people may say it's "only" a second rounder, the difference between a high second and a low second can be looked at as the difference between a 1st and a 3rd round pick.  It could be the difference between an elite talent who falls out of the first round in 2011 and to the second rounder the Phins gave us, or a late second rounder with much less impact.  Obviously, there's a long way to go until all this really ramps up, but it will certainly be fun to have another team to root against.  

So, everyone go get one of these...


and some pins, do some spooky chants, get your voodoo on, and make those Dolphins beach themselves!


The Third - The Hope 


If you're saying to yourself, who the heck is that fairy prancing around in tights in a corn field?  My answer to you would be, the guy I hope falls to us at pick #43.  His name is Arrelious Benn.

He's a good sized target at 6'1'' and around 220 pounds, he is comparable to Anquan Boldin in stature and game.  He is strong, and is able to get off of press coverage.  He possesses good, but not elite speed.  He has great hands and is very good going after the ball to make the catch, good vertical receiver (obviously, I mean, look at him flying over that corn field).  He is very good after the catch, runs tough and gets yards.  He was also a 2 year captain at Illinois, and by all accounts, a good teammate and a good kid.  Exhibits good leadership.

However, he isn't perfect, otherwise there wouldn't be a chance we could get him in the second round.  Again, his speed is not elite, he can be caught from behind (that doesn't sound completely kosher, but I'm leaving it).  He has some injury concerns.  He had a high ankle sprain at the beginning of last year, and has had shoulder and head injuries along with others.  He also has small questions about his work ethic.

Here's some high-speed pictures to whet your whistle!  Fair warning and for heaven's sake, turn off the sound on the video, it's heinous.  (sidebar:  I would recommend you open another youtube window and play Velvet Undergound's "Pale Blue Eyes" over the video instead, there's something cool about watching football highlights while listening to mellow late 60's rock and roll, transcendent rock-n-roll, may I add)

So, everyone say it with me:


We may have to work on that chant...


The Fourth:  Voodoo Continued, continued...

There probably aren't any made yet, so if someone has a source or the will to make them and distribute them to Bronco Country between now and the draft, we need some Dez Dolls.  I'm not local, but to all of you that are, we need to picket Dez Bryant.  Here's the plan:  Gather ranks, car-pool to Dove Valley, bring signs with expletives galore, bring malice and anger, bring rocks, bouncey-balls, and other such dangerous weapons, and picket the bajeezus out of us getting Bryant with #11.  We lost one diva, we don't need another.  There's motivation issues, there's character issues, there's agent issues... I could go on and on... Get your voodoo dolls pokin' folks!




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